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How to Boost a Slow Wi-Fi Connection?

How to Boost a Slow Wi-Fi Connection?

Having slow Wi-Fi is one of the worst things ever. And you’ve been endlessly paying more for a boost in your internet speed, right? But it doesn’t work. Here are some effective and fast solutions that are cost-free, to maintain great Wi-Fi speed and enjoy work or endless entertainment.

The location of your router

Not every place will be suitable for your router. To begin with this issue, try avoiding places that are closer to an object made out of metal and appliances that emit waves that are electromagnetic. Similarly, you would want to make sure that your router is at a safe distance from any electric wires.

To maintain the signals your internet omits, make sure your router is placed somewhere in the center. To further boost your signal, make sure your router is at an elevated place, so the spread of its signals is wider and at an angle where you’re closer to the device.

Freeloaders on your Wi-Fi

Having an encrypted and password protected internet is immensely important nowadays. With more and more users of Wi-Fi on a daily basis, the number of freeloaders is also increasing. Knowingly or unknowingly people around you, your tenants or your neighbors will use you Wi-Fi and therefore having strong encryption is vital. If you have a significant number of guests, then make sure you create a guest network or limit the range of your internet, or maybe even regularly update your password.

Regular updates:

You might have heard about the recent and frequent malware attacks that are costing thousands of dollars to businesses and individuals. You can easily prevent these unwanted attacks by regularly updating your router. Once your router has been infected with malware, it can consume significant bandwidth and spread over to all the devices connected to that router.

Don’t place your router in a closet!

What most people tend to do to save up on space in their houses or their apartments is to place their routers in their closets! Do not do that. This will only limit the range of the signals your device omits, and you will again have to face slow internet and limited speed. Make sure that your router is in the center of your place so it can transmit signals effectively and you don’t have to wait for it to load! Also, remember to place the router at a position that’s more leveled and elevated.

Make sure to check regularly who is hogging up your Internet

You call easily call up your internet provider and ask them to check up on what is hogging up your internet. It could be a device or a significant number of users on one connection. Once you find out what is consuming the most internet, you can easily work on it to provide for you a better connection and service.

Reboot and restart

This advice is timeless if it doesn’t work try to switch it off and then on. Then that’s what you should try too. Most internet routers have a refresh button, and you can easily press it to refresh your device. This will clear any extra bandwidth you may have. Also, make sure to do this action regularly so you can clear off your device and enjoy an amazing internet speed and prevent buffering!

Speed Test

Before you perform any of the provided solutions, make sure to perform a speed test for your internet. This will show you where you stand before to remedy the slow situation. Now that you are all done after implementing each remedy, make sure you perform another speed test to analyze any improvements in the speed of your internet once again. If you do not notice any improvements in your internet speed, then perhaps it’s time for a new router.

Time for a new router:

If you have just purchased a new router then opt for a Wi-Fi booster or an extender. They are both basically the same thing and will provide you with great help by amplifying and boosting the speed of your internet connection. You can also shift to a new Wi-Fi channel. This will allow you to escape any jams that your old connection had. Remember that boosters will cost you around $100 so make sure you really need one before you opt for it.

So, are you ready to get rid of the slow internet and devastating measures you have already tried? Make sure you call your provider and file complaint because most of the time the issue is on their end. If not, then you should implement the remedies. If again they fail to remedy the slow situation then opt for a different provider or look for a new connection. After all, how long can you suffer from bad internet?