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How to Control Your Phone with Your Eyes

How to Control Your Phone with Your Eyes

For those people who have health issues or physical disabilities, using a phone with their hands is a major problem, and in some cases, it simple is not possible. Some of these issues may include cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and spinal injuries and while these problems were previously seen as barriers that prevented people from using the web, but not anymore. It is in these cases that having an application that allows you to use a phone using just head movements becomes extremely useful.


An app that can be used to control a phone through just head movements? EVA Facial Mouse is an application that has translated this advanced idea into reality. EVA Facial Mouse is an application that is free and has an open source, so a large number of people can access it. This app is one of those apps that try to make some positive contribution to society by assisting people.

This app makes use of the front camera on your phone to track your face and facial movements. It then allows you to move a cursor along the screen, and even click on icons and options, with your facial movements. Simply speaking, in order to scroll all you need to do is move your head and in order to click just hold the position.


Control Your Phone

Making use of this app is extremely easy. Open Google Play Store and install the EVA Facial Mouse app. You will then have to enable an Accessibility plugin, so click OK on the pop-up that appears, and then you will be taken to a Settings menu where you will have to choose the EV Facial Mouse option and enable the switch, which is present at the top of the screen.

Finally, click OK on the pop-up. Agree to the terms and conditions once you have read them, and set the EVA keyboard as your default keyboard. This process is made simple by the Setup Wizard that comes next. Click the Next button twice, and then select the Settings button in the middle of the screen.

You will then be taken to the Settings options on your own device, and you will have to select the EVA Keyboard as your default keyboard either by going to Language and Input and if your Android is advanced enough, Language and Input> Virtual Keyboard. Irrespective of the version of Android that you have, set the EVA Keyboard as your default keyboard.

Download EVA Facial Mouse from Google Play Store here:


You also need to calibrate the face tracking mechanism of EVA in order to ensure that it is customized to your individual needs so that you can use it easily. Go to the Setup Wizard once again.

At this point, EVA will detect your face, so try to keep it someone to two feet away from the phone so that your face appears completely in the picture box at the top of the screen. As you move your head along, the cursor will also move along, and if you find this speed too slow or too fast, you can adjust it easily as well.

Also, it would be helpful to read the mouse guide that the app provides as that will give you additional information on how the mouse works. Once you get used to the mouse, you may find it to work seamlessly.

If your cursor hovers for some time over a particular icon, you will be asked whether you wanted to open the app or just long click it. There is even a whole toolbar at the side of the screen that allows you to navigate throughout your whole phone as well. Also, you will be able to use EVA in those cases where the application accepts the scroll input. In some apps and most games, the EVA keyboard does not usually work.


The technology provided by EVA Facial Mouse is truly cutting edge, now all you need to do to is move your head, and your phone follows that. EVA Facial Mouse goes a long way in making phones and other latest technology easily available to people who might have a handicap.  The slight problem is that the EVA Keyboard that is needed to use the facial mouse needs to be installed manually, this may be solved over time as the app gains popularity.

While currently there are still some compatibility issues, for example, EVA does not work with many games and can only be used in a limited way in Google Maps and Google Earth, it still makes major headway by introducing new technology to assist people with disabilities.