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How to Experience The Latest Samsung Phone Online Before Actually Buying It

How to Experience The Latest Samsung Phone Online Before Actually Buying It

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to try a new Samsung phone online without actually buying it? Normally, you’d go to a store that has your desired model to check it. They usually have a prototype for customers to get first-hand experience with the actual model.

However, in most cases, you’re too focused on the appearance of the phone itself. Or maybe you’re just too anxious to stick around enough and get a good grasp of how the software works. That happens with all of us when we’re looking to buy a new phone.

It’s always wiser to focus on how your new device is going to operate… how it’s compatible with certain apps of your choice. Well, Samsung Remote Test Lab has made it possible for you to check out any model you like before paying for it!

What Is Samsung Remote Test Lab?

Well, Samsung always amazes us with how they cater for the needs and the comfort of their clients. They’re always on the lookout for new updates and features to apply. And this specific feature marks the company as one of the best manufacturers out there.

Basically, Samsung Remote Test Lab provides you with what is called cloud testing. You can easily access an actual Samsung phone online remotely to test its software, its features and its compatibility with any app you like. You don’t have to make any physical contact with an actual smartphone. But you’ll still get to experience what it’s like using it… without the need to buy it first, or go through lots of reviews to grasp the model’s functionality.

It’s amazing, right? We believe it is. Let’s go ahead and show you how you can access the Remote Lab from the comfort of your house:

How Can You Use Samsung Remote Test Lab?

Before we go ahead and access the lab itself, you should get your accounts in check first. You need a Samsung account first in order to do so. If you don’t already own one, you can easily go to Samsung’s official website  to register a new account. Once you’ve visited the website, you may click on the Sign Up button, and you’ll be directed to an application. Fill in the need information to create your account. You’ll also be asked to verify your registration through email. You may go ahead and do that as well so we can proceed.

Once you have your account activated, you should visit Samsung’s Developer website and sign in with your previous credentials. You’ll find Samsung Remote Test Lab at the given link, where you can select any model of the featured devices through the device list.

Note that testing a device remotely requires website credits. You don’t need to pay anything, really. Samsung offers 10 credits every 24 hours for free to all their users. You just have to click on the “Get Free Credits” button to collect your own every day.

You’d also need to have Java installed on your PC before you can use the remote lab. If you don’t already have it, make sure to download it through this link. Just follow the instructions to get the installation process finished.

What Can You Use It For?

Samsung Phone Online

Now that we have everything ready, let’s check out what you can really do with the Remote Test Lab:

  • Testing a device:

You can easily use the website’s search bar to look for your desired model. If you’re unsure what model you’d like to test, here’s the Device List for you to choose from. You can choose which Android OS version you’d like to test the device through, and the amount of time you’d like to reserve the device for your testing period. Once you’ve completed your choices, you may go ahead and click on Start.

  • Downloading Remote Test Lab:

In order to be able to test the device remotely, you’d have to download the Remote Test Lab. You don’t really have to do anything: a .jlnp will be downloaded automatically once you’ve clicked on start. As soon as the file is on your pc, you may go ahead and open it. It usually asks you for permission. Click on Run to start the application for your desired model. Once you’re done, you’ll be immediately connected to a Samsung device remotely!

  • Test the compatibility of an app:

Once the application is up and running, you can select your desired language… as you normally do with an actual phone. You’ll also need to click and swipe with your mouse cursor, just like you do with your fingers on the touch screen.

If you’d like to download a certain app for you to test, you can do so by right clicking on the screen. Choose “Test” from the menu, and then “Install application.”

And there you have it! You’re experiencing what it’s like to own a different model of Samsung smartphones without actually buying it, and at the luxury of your home. You may go ahead and download your desired apps, check the functionality of the phone or whatever you like. Your limits are only your

Guidelines for Using Samsung Remote Test Lab

Make sure not to use any personal information while using the remote device. It’s completely unwise to enter important credentials, like credit card information or any accounts that you usually use on your actual devices. Always try to keep your information safe, and we’re sure you’ll have a good Samsung phone online experience!

It’s amazing what Samsung provides to us users worldwide. Aside from their amazing innovative models and updates, you can now access all their models from the comfort of your office or house.

What do you think of Samsung Remote Test Lab? Have you already used the feature yourself? Let us know in the comments below how your experience went. We’re more than happy to hear from you!