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How to Find Anyone Online

How to Find Anyone Online

The world has become a global village where everyone can know anything about anyone. You don’t have to press your memory and try to remember your lab partner in high school because he is already on Facebook with a cat on as his display picture. If he is not on Facebook, you will find him on Instagram if not there then Snapchat or Myspace or any place. If he has access to the internet, there is a 99% chance he has a social media account. But how do you find him?

Every time you type his name in the search bar so many id’s with the same name get listed in front of you, and that can be a big dilemma.

Fear not for today we are going to teach you how to find anyone online, anyone who is familiar with the internet and its usage basically anyone who doesn’t live under a rock.

#10 Peekyou

Peekyou was founded in April 2006 by Michael Hussey. It is a people’s search engine that claims to have listed information about over 250 million people mostly the ones living in USA or Canada to help you find anyone online. You can find their work history, social photographs, etc there. Peekyou serves over 6 million users monthly, and it’s growing. Have a long lost cousin? Just type their name and location to reconnect.

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