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How to Fix a Phone That Takes Too Long To Charge Its Battery

How to Fix a Phone That Takes Too Long To Charge Its Battery

Are you fed up of the time it takes for your phone to charge in one go? Is it an on-going problem and your phone is just new? Don’t worry, we have the right remedies for you to fix the problems that might be resulting in your battery to charge slowly. Your phone might be suffering from the given ailments in this article, there is always a likelihood that these are present so make sure you fix them all!

A bad cable

If you have a phone that charges slowly, then the first step you should be taking is checking your USB cable. This is pretty common given we use our USB cables quite often and some wear and tear is likely. Many of us tend to use the same cable for years and years, and this causes them to get pretty beat up. USB cables are bent, stepped on, left in cars and plugged in, and out of devices all day long, this results in them losing their functionality and slow your charging process.

When the time arrives, you’d rather replace your cable than your phones charging port. This why manufacturers intentionally provide cables that are weak and pathetic truthfully. In short, grab a brand-new USB cable and solve your problem.

The power source

The power source you use to charge your phone has a significant impact on the speed at which your phone charges. If you use a PC your phone will charge at a relatively much slower rate. If your USB cable is weak or meager any flow of energy through a source can render your wire useless. So, the best way to charge your phone is to plug it in through a power source, so it charges fast and easy.

The adapter

Often times, unprecedented power surges can render your adapter, and this can result in slow charging. Modern technology has updated adapters that are designed to charge your phone rapidly however a sudden shock or trauma to your adapter can make it worthless, and that’s when your phone will begin to charge slow.

The battery of your phone

Make a quick search online to check if your phone’s battery has a fault in it. Once you find out that your model is catering to a bad battery, then you can call your provider and ask for a replacement. If you are using an LG G4, Galaxy S5 or a Galaxy Note4, then here some good news. You can order a new battery, pop your phone back open and place it in. Voila! Your phone will work perfectly while charging once again.

Switch it off!

If you feel that your phone is not charging at the desired speed. Then maybe the problem is with your phone. Try to switch it off for some time and give it a rest. You can also perform a hard reset. You will not lose any data, and this will remove any extra or unnecessary cache in your device. Also, make sure you check which apps are hogging up the most battery. Clear out all your background-running apps so your phone can charge freely and easily. Sometimes apps begin to boot themselves when they are running in the background so make sure you toggle these off when you put your phone to charge.

Battery calibration

If you have an android phone, then battery calibration can help given there is nothing wrong with your battery. Most phones have built-in indicators of their own battery performance, and this feature allows you to look at the actual battery level in your phone. You can reset the statistics and analyze them again after you charge your phone. Make sure to clear out all the cache in your phone before calibrating your battery. You can easily start by rebooting your phone into recovery mode, go to Factory Reset and choose the Wipe Cache Partition option. And follow through!

Check for damage to your battery

Often times without us ever really noticing, unintentionally you may spill water on your phone which may seep through to your battery and prevent it from working properly. Get it checked by a technician or get a replacement.

Get Ampere

Ampere is a famous app that is free of cost, and it effectively tells you which USB cable charges the slowest, download this app and try in all your cables so you can save time and keep the one that works the best.

Download Ampere from Google Play Store here:

So, now that you’ve read about all the remedies you can follow make sure you visit a technician if none of these work. Take care of your cables and your phone. Happy charging!