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How To Get An Anonymous Phone Number

How To Get An Anonymous Phone Number

Sometimes we need to make calls that are anonymous; it doesn’t necessarily mean that we are up to some shady business. You see a job ad, and you’re interested, but the number given puts you in doubt. You don’t want to call up a mafia gang nor do you want a weird creep to save your numbers and start spreading it, so you decide to call as an anonymous caller.

It’s completely legal to do so, and we suggest you should when the need arises so, below are ways through which you can disguise your number.

Google Voice

All you got to do is to create an account on Google voice and sign up for free. You will be given an unpaid, anonymous phone number. The number isn’t linked with your sim card hence it remains with you no matter what you do with your mobile set. It actually protects your original number from being passed on to everyone out there.

The calls made to Google voice will diverge to your real number while the person making the call will not know your number. In this way, you can share your Google voice number in a group or with people you don’t want to give your phone number. If you carry more than one mobile with you, then you can decide one of the numbers for the call to be forwarded on.

Moreover, if you don’t want someone to contact you, his calls are not dispatched on any of your, and you never get to hear from that very person.


It is an inexpensive paid service offering many different packages for its users. Once you sign up, you get a number which is free for the first week. After that, you are offered some options within an affordable range. For example; the mini burner costs 3 credits.

It includes 60 messages and 20 minutes for calls, for 14 days. The standard burner, costing 5 credits, is good for 50 minutes of talk and 150 messages and is valid for 30 days. You will be able to send pictures and get 100 text messages for only 8 credits in the picture burner package.

It is not just featured to forward the calls or block spam numbers but also let one auto-reply when he or she is away.

Download Burner From Google Play Store here:

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