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How to Get Into Amazon Free Samples Program

How to Get Into Amazon Free Samples Program

Buying anything online can be a bit of a hassle. Is the product authentic? Is it right for me? Will, I even like it once I have spent my hard earned money on it? To ease our worries and prevent us from wasting money, Amazon free samples program is a huge help.

What the program is?

With the prime sample program, Amazon allows you to sample products you want before you actually buy them. You simply fill out a survey and select the type of products you wish to receive. Every month you get to pick out samples you’d want to try. Samples get sent out to your shipping address and you may select only order one of each sample. Each month gives you a new variety of samples to select as new items get added to the samples program. There are a lot of categories of products available to choose from like beverages and food, vitamins and supplements, beauty and grooming, baby products, and personal care or household items.

How samples help us

Being a skincare fanatic myself, I adore sample products. Especially from the luxury brands Amazon sells on their website. Everyone’s skin is different, and not everything works for everyone. You can’t buy most things based on people’s recommendations since they aren’t necessarily the best products for you. With the help of these samples, you can get a feel for the product, how it affects you and if it’s worth the amount of money you are planning to spend on it. Most of the times, sample sizes are large enough for a couple of uses.

Pricing and credits:

You also have the option to buy sample sized products in case you didn’t get the free sample for the product you wanted to try. The price for these individual samples range anywhere between $2-$4. While the samples boxes could range from $4.99 to $19.99. Depending on the items in these boxes. The perk of buying the sample box is that you get sample credit with the purchases. So if you purchase something worth $5, the same amount of credit will be available to you to buy something from the same store.

Essentially making the entire sample box free, since all the money is given back to you to spend. The credits are updates automatically with each purchase of samples making your life much easier; you only have to lift a finger.  The shipping of the boxes, of course, is free as it comes with prime shipping. The shipping estimates for these sample boxes could take 3 to 5 days as opposed to its usual two-day shipping with prime. However, that is not a deal breaker since the package coming is definitely worth the wait.


  • This is only available to Amazon Prime members
  • Each person can buy as many samples as they want however only one order of each sample is allowed
  • The prime samples credits expire 18 days after the purchase of the sample.

What can non-prime members get?

If you are not a prime member and think that all hope is lost since you cannot avail this prime offer, don’t worry, there is another thing you can do. Amazon has a free sample program even for regular people who don’t get prime samples. Every month Amazon selects a few lucky customers and sends them free samples along with their purchases. Amazon has curated their products to find the ones that are specific to your need. They can include anything from pet food to household or personal grooming products. The items sent as samples can be luxury products or common household items, what you get are completely random and entirely depends on how Amazon’s system picks who it will send it to.

How to sign up for Amazon Free samples:

The best thing about this program is that more than likely you are already signed up for it. You don’t need to do any special registrations, or fill out lengthy forms. You can go about your regular shopping and find free samples in your mailbox as a nice little surprise. Although you can go to your account and check if you opt for the program. Fist you open Amazon’s Sampling Preferences page. Then go to sample settings and click update. Then go to the Communication Preferences Center page and click the box which says that you want samples and you’re done. Simple as that. All you have to do now is wait.

With that in mind, it’s no wonder Amazon is dominating the market right now. By always putting the customer first and allowing us to enjoy the best of luxury brands at 1/8th of the cost. It also gives us the opportunity to try the products before we buy them which is very rare from an online store. Not to mention, you get everything from the comfort of your home. You can leave the social interaction behind.