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How to Hide Text Messages & Photos on Your Phone

How to Hide Text Messages & Photos on Your Phone

Among all the things that smartphone companies have done for us, they have also made it a lot easier for others to get a hold of our private information including our credit card info, personal photos and our passcodes. You should know that your phone contains private messages, photos that are dear to you and your information as well.

A secure lock screen passcode or other sensory locks are a great way to protect all your data, but what if they fail? We have created for you a guide that will elaborately help you to protect and secure all the important files and hide text messages and photos that you need to, on your phone. If you have an android phone such as a Samsung here is the guide that you can follow to protect all your photos and text messages on your phone:

How to protect and hide photos on your android phone?

Having private and sensitive photos on your phone then the more you need to use tools and take steps to protect your pictures:

Use built-in tools that are already in your phone:

A couple of manufacturers have been providing built-in tools that allow you to hide/protect your photos in your phone. Here is how you do it on different android models:


  1. Settings – fingerprints, and security
  2. Click Content Lock
  3. Follow the steps to set up a security measure

This will lock your pictures and once you are done,

  1. In your gallery, select a photo
  2. Tap the 3-dot menu and click on Lock
  3. To see what you have locked, tap the 3-dot menu again and select Show Locked Files/Memos


  1. Open your gallery and select the photos you want to hide
  3. Now navigate to Settings in your phone and go to privacy and safety – Private Mode, turn it on or off.

Create Hidden Folders in your phone

Another method that you can easily use is to create a folder and hide it in your phone. This is the same for all phones, and you can use this for text messages as well.


Vault is a free application that works smartly to hide the photos you want hidden and prevent them from showing up in your gallery. You can easily lock them behind a pin or a secure password. One very important and interesting feature that comes to this app is known as MUGSHOT. This smart option will instantly take a picture of the person who enters the wrong password to access your pictures.

Download Vault from Google Play Store here:

How to protect text messages on your phone?

There are certain very useful apps that you can use to hide and protect your text messages. Whether you’re planning to invade Mars or planning a secret getaway with your friends, you can protect it all. Here are some apps you can use:

Hide SMS and Call Recorder

This is an app that effectively allows you to prevent people from spying or opening up your private or personal conversations. This app basically acts as your text messaging app and all your data including your call logs, messages and contacts are always protected.

Message Locker

This is a free app that not only locks your text messages, but also locks all the other messaging apps you use. Using this app, you can set up a pin or a passcode to secure all of your email or messaging applications. Don’t worry, it automatically detects application such as hangout and WhatsApp and locks them for you.

Download Message Locker from Google Play Store here:

Private Message Box

This application is an effective way to hide message chats from certain people automatically. And any messaged from that particular contact in your phone will be secure. It also requires a pin to be set, so you do not have to worry about anyone invading your privacy.

Download Private Message Box from Google Play Store here:

So, here you are, now you can easily use the applications and guides mentioned in this article to secure and protect all your messages and your pictures. Easily use these user-friendly applications to keep away those who like to invade your privacy and sneak in.

Although this will take some of your time, these guides are a great way to make sure unnecessary people stay away, and whoever tries to get in, you’ll know in an instant.