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How to Keep Burglars Away From Your SmartHome?

How to Keep Burglars Away From Your SmartHome?

In the old days, options for keeping your house secure while going for work or on vacation were limited to locking the doors and asking your neighbors to keep an eye on your house. But now things have changed. In this technological world, you can use smart gadgets and devices to keep unwelcome visitors out of your Smarthome.

A dark and empty house is an open invitation to burglars. If you’re planning on going on a vacation and want to know how to keep burglars away from your house, you’re in the right place. Here are the six best smarthome gadgets you can use to prevent break-ins while you enjoy your trip with your family.

#6 Schedule lights to turn on and off


Setting up smart lights in your house is a great way to protect your house from onlookers and Burglars. This gives the effect that someone is in the house. These smart lights can be controlled by your smart devices, on which you can set a suitable schedule for the lights to open and close. Examples of smart light systems include Philip Hue and Lifx. They contain apps that allows you to add routines, specific times, the lights that need to be used, and their timings of on and off in a day.

Moreover, you can even group certain rooms or control rooms separately in order to make it appear more random. Also, smart plugs can be used if smart lights are not installed. These plugs can be attached to regular lamps, and they can be set on a timer.

#5 Install automated blinds

One of the ways in which you can protect the house from burglars is by installing automated blinds. These can be controlled with your smart devices and give the effect of someone being in the house when in fact no one is in the house.

The hardware needs to be installed in place, and then it can be easily controlled and monitored with the help of the app on your smart devices. You can also choose a suitable schedule, the timings you want the blinds to be open and the timings for the blinds to be closed. Certain companies also work well with the feature Alexa that enables you to control the opening and closing of the blinds by giving voice commands. Some blinds are expensive while some can be bought at a reasonable cost. Thus ensuring tension free stay, away from home.

#4 Make Broadcasts using Google Home or Amazon Alexa to pretend you are home

If you own an Amazon Alexa or Google home, you can easily fool potential burglars into thinking that someone is home by playing recordings of conversations and other sounds. You can take the help of the different Alexa skills. You can initiate the latest Away Mode by saying “Alexa, run away mode”. This will play recordings of conversation written by experts such as a family chatting, couple fighting and more.

You can initiate the Burglar Deterrent by saying “Alexa, open Burglar Deterrent”. This will play sounds of laughter, chatting, cleaning and much more.

#3 Get a smart doorbell


A smart doorbell helps you not only see who is at the door but also allows you to talk to the unwelcomed visitor. When the smart doorbell detects motion, it sends a live video of your door to your cell phone. With the help of the inbuilt two-way audio feature, you can talk and give out a warning through the intercom. You can remind the potential burglar that they are on camera and all their activity is being recorded and politely ask why they are prying around. If talking to them doesn’t have any effect you can sound the alarms.

#2 Install Window and door sensors

You can set up smart sensors near the doors and windows that quickly set off an alarm if the window or door is opened. Window and door sensors sold by Wink, Hive and other companies are ideal for the job and immediately notify you when the window or door of your house is opened.

If you wish to take things to the next level, you can consider Simplisafe, which is an additional device that connects to window and door sensors, and alerts you if it hears glass breaking. It does not confuse the sound of a smashed window with a broken plate. So you won’t be alerted and disturbed every time something in the house breaks.

#1 Home Security Cameras

One of the most common ways to deter burglars is by installing security cameras available in the market. Security cameras keep an eye on your house and alert you if they detect any motion or sound. Some security cameras such as the Netatmo Presence feature an in-built flashlight that lights up the area when it detects motion and scares intruders away.


The safety and security of your family, house, and belongings is always one’s top priority. Burglars are always looking for opportunities to break in and steal your valuable equipment. Stop them by introducing the above-mentioned devices into your smart home and take a deep breath of tranquility and content.