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How to Massively Improve Your Android Smartphone’s Battery Life

How to Massively Improve Your Android Smartphone’s Battery Life

This is a widely discussed subject by both users and experts on how to improve battery life. It’s out of the question that we use our smartphones on daily basis regarding almost every aspect of our lives. It’s the technological heart that pumps power into our communications and online experience.

Smartphones are known to have less powerful batteries compared to their overall capabilities. Do you remember the days of our old Nokia friends? You had to recharge your phone just once a week, and never expect to have any downtime.

It’s quite different with smartphones, honestly. Lots of factors are at play when it comes to the usage of your phone’s battery. We’re here today to teach you how to make your Android phone’s battery last longer; and what you should do to guarantee a healthier battery life:

Check Battery Usage: What’s Draining Your Battery the Most?

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This might seem a bit too obvious, but a lot of users forget to do it. If you’re convinced that your smartphone’s battery is being drained almost too quickly, you need to check what the power is being used for.

This can be simply done by looking at your battery usage stats, which can be accessed through pulling down your notifications menu and tapping on the cog icon. The Settings menu will pop up instantly. Just scroll down until you locate the Battery section. You may click on that and proceed to check the information provided.

Although the information provided on the Battery section is quite useful, you’d need to click on Battery Usage to get a better idea of what’s going on inside your phone. Once inside, you’ll begin to observe what’s really draining your battery app by app, along with some nice graphs.

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