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How To Recover Deleted Photos and Texts on Android

How To Recover Deleted Photos and Texts on Android

You probably delete texts and pictures all the time and later find out you don’t have a hard copy and instant regret overcomes you. Whether you’re trying to free up space on your phone or if you hit the delete button on accident; there are actually some easy ways to retrieve those deleted text messages and photos. This is especially true when it comes to photos, accidentally deleting a memory can send you into a panic mode. Pictures are memories that we’d like to cherish forever as a result a lot of photos can’t just be replaced. However, if you act quickly enough, a recovery app should be able to retrieve the lost files or messages. Here are some methods we recommend you exhaust before giving up on deleted photos and texts.

Use a Recovery Program

Recover Deleted Photos

Photos are often easier to recover because most photo apps have a recently deleted album. However, this is still an issue if you delete them from the trash or somehow lost them during a factory reset. With texts its a bit trickier as there isn’t really a recycle bin that deleted texts go. Nevertheless, when you delete a text, it doesn’t remove the message. The data is simply marked as unused; however it still remains in storage. However, it won’t be an easy recovery.  There is still a huge chance that you will not be able to recover them. But with the use of the latest recovery programs this is possible.

The first step is to download a reputable recovery app, such as Dr. Fone. Dr. Fone isn’t an Android app but a PC app. However, if you connect your phone to your computer, you can use the program to recover. With the help of a USB cable you’ll be able to sync your computer to your phone. You will see request to grant the program access to your phone. Click allow. By pressing the start button, the program will scan the device in search of deleted messages. This process takes a while; however, for those with important messages, the wait should not be an issue.

Once the scan is complete, you will be able to preview messages that have been deleted and save the ones you want to retrieve.

Check Out DiskDigger

Recover Deleted Photos

DiskDigger is photo recovery app you can download from the Google Play store. There are other similar apps, but DiskDigger is one of the more reliable and reputable ones. It also has significantly fewer ads than comparable apps. When you run the app, DiskDigger will try its best to find all the photos you have recently deleted.  From there you will be able to pick which ones you’d like to recover and which ones you’d like to keep deleted. Once the selections have been made.  You can restore them to your phone or move them to a cloud service.

The recovery function requires the pro-version of the app. This is part of the price to pay to help recover the data.  The great thing about this is if you do not see the photos you are trying to recover, you simply just choose not to pay for the program and move on.  However, do not give up on the app.  There are plenty of settings to play with that may conjure up the photo you are looking for.  For example try changing the minimum file size.

Recovery apps work better for recovering recently deleted messages and files. You’ll have a harder time finding messages you deleted three years ago, but there’s still a slight chance that they’ll still be there. Essentially, deleted files stay on your phone until something else is written over it.  So in theory, the larger hard drive space you have, the less likely that something will overwrite it. Good luck!