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How To Retrieve Saved Passwords from Your Smartphone

How To Retrieve Saved Passwords from Your Smartphone

One of the best aspects of Chrome is that you can not just retrieve saved passwords but also sync between all of your devices and you can hold multiple accounts at once. While this makes life easier for you in a lot of different ways, it can sometimes be hard to manage all of your passwords, usernames, and account information. Google Chrome has always allowed you to view your saved passwords on its desktop version, however Google Chrome on Android did not have this feature until recently. This is something that everyone will benefit from. It is so much easier to just copy and paste a password than to try to remember twenty different passwords at once.

Retrieve Saved Passwords

To view saved passwords on Android, you need to have Chrome 62. If you have an older version of Chrome, it will not work. In addition, you also need to have a smartphone that has a screen-lock feature on it. If you have both of the qualifications, then this hack will work for you.

First make sure you are logged into your Google Chrome account. Next, tap on the 3-dot icon that is at the top right corner of your homepage. Click on settings.

Once you are in your setting, you should see a “Save Passwords” options. Tap on this option and you will be able to see every account and password connected to you Google Chrome account.

retrieved saved passwords

Click on the account you want information on. You will find a ton of information, including website names, usernames, and passwords. To see the password, tap on the eye button. You will be asked to verify with your screen-lock password. This helps to make sure no unauthorized persons can access your passwords. Now you will be able to see the password and copy and paste it.

Another reason you might want to retrieve a password is to delete it. Chrome works well as a password manager for basic websites and social media accounts, you probably do not want to save your passwords for your banking accounts. You also do not want to save information for e-commerce sites like Amazon and ebay. With more confidential info, it is better to use a designated password manager, such as LastPass. If you accidentally click “save password” while shopping online or viewing your banking account online, you probably want to delete the password.

Download LastPass from Google Play Store here:

Follow the same process as before. Once you are in the location that shows all your website names, scroll down until you find the website that you want Google to forget the password for. Click on the website name and tap on the delete button. Google will forget the login credentials for that site. It is as easy as that.