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How To Scan And Add To Contacts On Your Phone Very Quickly

How To Scan And Add To Contacts On Your Phone Very Quickly

Unlike the older days where a salesperson, a marketing expert, business executives or even ordinary employees had to collect business cards, type in a name with number and add to contacts, today the situation is not the way it used to be. It’s safe to say that things are changing at a rapid rate as everything seems to be moving from an analog to a digital status. We are integrating into the era where almost all work is becoming paperless.

With the invention of the cloud system, where bulks and bulks of information are stored in an invisible warehouse that cannot be tampered with, information is now adopting a virtual nature all the same. All thanks to crypto-currency, even money has now become virtual and in the business world, the latest is always what people are after because it signifies what the best is after the current one that is available. Very soon, as crypto picks up, we will never need to use physical money to make transactions.

Do businesses prefer digital cards to ordinary business cards?

  • Cutting edge – First and foremost, digital cards are cutting edge as they are the current trend. Sure, old is gold and classic is good, but when it comes to business, you have to be at per with the competitors in the market. Just by virtue of the fact that it is the state-of-the-art feature, every business needs to jump on board with the changing times.
  • Ergonomic design – Another reason is that it is ergonomic in nature. No one wants to bear the burden of carrying around a hundred business cards in their pockets. So the best thing is to go digital and only carry a smartphone with you. When you meet up with a potential colleague and you want to impress them, you would want to take out your device to scan the data and store it in your cloud.
  • ZB – digital cards are more suitable in the sense that you can use the data you take down and save it in other avenues of storage linked to your app. For example, some apps allow you to save the card into your LinkedIn profile making it even more dynamic to connect with your new colleagues.

Using Business Cards – Advantages and Disadvantages

On that note, when it comes to doing business, the official way people exchange contacts is by giving out their business cards. A business card is quite efficient as it bears the name, career position, phone number, company name and any other relevant information about the person. It is the best way to create a networking opportunity.

First of all, business cards are a very important if not essential item to have. Its advantages include;

  • Creates a good first impression – business cards are always a great way to create a lasting first impression and cut the first turf towards future connections.
  • Facilitate the networking process – good business relations are often created through face-to-face interactions. Once you have had a good conversation, you can exchange cards for the purpose of contacting each other later.
  • Bring awareness of your business – when starting a business, branding is one of the most important integrals of your business and people will remember you by your visual presentation, of which your company’s details are all constituted to the card.

Despite the advantages business cards have, they also have some disadvantages and not being biased, as of now, they might actually outweigh the advantages

  • Cost – for a small business that is just starting out, business cards might actually be costly as they are only pocket friendly when produced in large amounts.
  • Inconvenience – since they are physical products, you have to carry them everywhere you go. This may be inconvenient in case you forget them or don’t have enough to distribute when you attend a meeting of many masses.
  • Insufficient space – business cards do not offer the chance to market all the goods and services that you offer as they are usually tiny in size.
  • Compatibility – many people have resorted to using electronic means because the ordinary handing out has become so outdated. Digital cards are getting more popularity justified by the fact that they are compatible with the business ecosystem today.

How to Scan a Business Card and Add to Contacts on Your phone

The process is usually very simple to grasp. Most of the apps use the same modification and all you need is a smartphone or tablet device to do the scanning and then follow the prompts. There are many apps out there but I will use three of the topmost to explain the process briefly on how to scan and add to contacts.

1. CamCard

Depending on the system of operation, it could be Android, iOS for Apple products or Windows System, CamCard is available for all. It works simply by observing and saving the contact information from a business card’s photo. It recognizes 16 languages therefore you don’t have to worry about language barrier as the app can translate from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish and German.

Simply put the business card on a flat surface in a well lit room and point your phone’s camera at the card. CamCard will scan the card and automatically detect names, designations, phone number, addresses and more before it can add to contacts. Most of the time it’s pretty accurate as it does leave out some information if the card you are scanning is different from the standard white business cards everyone has. But good this is you can always fix it manually. Once you’re done fixinf and scanning, CamCard will automatically save the data in your phone’s address book. It stores the original for reference purposes too.

Download CamCard from Google Play Store here:


2. Business Card Reader

Shortly for BCReader, the app makes it simpler for you to process information to the digital format.  BCReader is pretty much the same if you are trying to scan and add to contacts. Use your phone’s camera to take a picture of a business card. It will then scan the information and pull out the text and numbers and save that data to your address book. It has a LinkedIn sync feature if you are interested in linking to that as well.

Download Business Card Reader from Google Play Store here:


3. Droid Scan Lite

Droid Scan Lite turns your phone or tablet device into a portable document scanner that can also basically scan and add to contacts. The thing about this app is that it provides multiple image enhancement modes; full color, bleached color, grey scale, black and white. It also supports architectural and engineering paper sizes. Built-in integration with Box OneCloud and Google Docs makes it compatible with the most storage providers including Box and Dropbox.

Download Droid Scan Lite from Google Play Store here:



In my opinion, anyone looking to have a successful business should adapt to the best digital business card, especially one which serves your purpose.