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How To Trace Any Calls And Unmask Blocked Numbers

How To Trace Any Calls And Unmask Blocked Numbers

Unmask Blocked Numbers and Filter Annoying Calls Using Trapcall

Another great application that you should try out is Trapcall. It lets you unmask blocked numbers and get the actual phone number that is calling you. You can easily get it through Google Play Store.

Once you’ve got the phone number of the caller, you can then start your research. You may try Truecaller to identify the owner of the number. If the app doesn’t give you that much information, you can also try your luck with GPS Phone or Locate Any Phone. WhitePages also have a reverse search engine for phone numbers. You can easily go through their website and type in the phone number you’re trying to locate.

Download Trapcall from Google Play Store here:

The internet is filled with databases and information in regards to millions of users and numbers. You can easily identify a call by using an app like Truecaller; or unmask a blocked number through Trapcall to search for the true identity of your caller.

It’s incredibly annoying to get call from unknown sources. Most people like myself, just ignore it.  However, you no longer have to do this with these tools.  You can easily know where the call came from and take proper action depending on your reasons.

How many unwanted calls do you usually get on weekly basis? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!

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