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Google Pay is rolling out on the web for desktop and iOS

The move from Android Pay, Google Wallet, and Pay with Google to Google Pay hasn’t been completely smooth sailing, but the Mountain View giant is slowly getting its footing and transitioning everything from the old brandings to the new one. The latest to make the switch are web payments done either on desktop or on iOS.

Google is starting to roll out Pay on the web for iPhone, iPad, and desktop users so you should start seeing it when you’re trying to make a payment on a supported site, regardless of the browser or device you’re using. Read More

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You’ll have to wait for iOS 13 to run iPhone apps on your Mac

A Bloomberg report late last year said that one of the highlights of iOS 12 and iOS 10.14 might be a new way for developers to design apps. Specifically, apps created for iPhone or iPad would work on Mac and vice versa. That only sounds exciting if you’re rocking both an iPhone/iPad and a Mac. Sadly, it looks like the cross-platform app support feature isn’t ready for a 2018 reveal, and it’ll be pushed back to 2019.

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Some interesting stats about Google Play Store vs. Apple App Store apps and development

We don’t usually cover infographics and comparisons on Android Police – most are biased, pointless, or without much credibility – but this latest data set from appfigures made us stop and do a double-take because it presented interesting stats from a rather reputable app analytics company.

appfigures’ report looked at 10 different questions regarding the Play Store and App Store and tried to answer them with stats pulled from its Explorer app research tool. Read More

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Google security chief claims Android is now just as secure as iOS

While no one would ever go far as to say that iOS is altogether impervious to malware, the reality over the past few years is that iOS has simply been more secure than Android. And while Google has undoubtedly made strides in bolstering security on Android, sometimes it feels as if we can’t even go a few weeks without researchers unearthing yet another nasty Android exploit.

A little less than a year ago, for example, a new piece of Android malware dubbed Judy reportedly infected nearly 37 million devices. More recently, security researchers this past January discovered a particularly sophisticated piece of Android malware called Skygofree with [...]

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