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Is Your Fingerprint Scanner Slow? Learn How to Fix It!

Is Your Fingerprint Scanner Slow? Learn How to Fix It!

It’s just awful when we deal with errors and lag on our smartphones when using fingerprint scanner. Some users have reported that their fingerprint scanner is a bit laggy, not logging in from the first try. We imagine how frustrating that must be, not being able to easily use your phone every time you want to check something online.

If you started to imagine that the problem is with your finger, you need our help! It’s rather common to have problems with the scanner of your phone. There are tons of reasons why that might happen: you might be pushing your finger in a way that the scanner can’t read your print; or your hands were maybe wet when you first registered your print, and the scanner didn’t get a clear read.

How to Fix the Fingerprint Scanner of Your Smartphone?


The first thing you should definitely do, and which will fix your phone in most probabilities, is to retake the first print with a different approach. What you should do is to take a couple of shots of the finger you use to unlock your phone. This would help the scanner to identify your print easily, and would accelerate how the data is processed.

What usually happens when you take the first print is the failure of the scanner to read your full print, and needing to take more time to process the data of your finger to match the stored print. Once you store enough shots, the system becomes more identified with your print.

How to Register More Than One Print:

Most developers allow the scanner to have a maximum of five shots, and that gives you plenty to register duplicate copies. Here’s how you can do it on Android:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Security then Fingerprint.
  • Enter your PIN code.
  • Tap on Add Fingerprint.

As you can see, the instructions are quite simple and clear to such an annoying problem. If you have been experiencing this kind of error, go ahead and try adding more shots of your finger into the scanner. You might be surprised how that can improve the quality and efficiency of your scanner.

But remember, if you use your phone when your hands are wet, or push your finger in a funny way (no pun intended), you would have constant failure to read. It’s easy to give your print, so, just do it!


Have you been experiencing some lag with your fingerprint scanner? Try the instructions we provide above. Let us know in the comments section below how it turned out. We’d love to hear from you!