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Korner is a $99 smart security system that’s perfect for apartments

Korner is a $99 smart security system that’s perfect for apartments

Are you paying $40, $50, or even $60+ per month for a traditional home security system? It’s obviously important to ensure that your family is safe and secure, but $480-$720 per year is a whole lot of money to spend on a system that some experts believe to be unnecessary. That’s right, many people are of the opinion that home monitoring solutions are a waste of money. Why? Because if an intruder enters your home and hears an alarm sound, he or she is likely to flee right then and there. That means by the time you get a call from the monitoring center, the incident is already over.

Another option for people looking for a less expensive solution that’s still effective is the Korner Home Security System & App. This smart solution involves a single dongle that plugs into your router and then a series of “korners” that you stick on your doors and windows. When armed, the dongle will sound a loud 85 dB alarm and send your phone a notification anytime a door or window with a sensor is opened. The system ships with the alarm dongle and three sensors for $100, and it includes a year of free service. After that, the service costs $39 per year. That’s right, a year of service costs less than what most traditional alarm companies charge for a single month.

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