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Best Android Apps 2017 – Google’s Updated List

Best Android Apps 2017 – Google’s Updated List

Here are two list of Google apps mainly apps for regular use and games. These are lists of the best android apps otherwise Google’s excellence picks for this year. Google has included, Mint, Robinhood, Castle Creeps, Bring!, etc in to this year’s best android apps list.

Earlier this year, Google added a new list of best apps to the Android Excellence Section in Google Play Store. This section has the best Android apps and games for users to check out. This section is updated four times in a year and rightly new apps and games will replace the old Editor’s choice. At times, some of the older apps might be picked again for the new list. However, these are the best android apps and games that are worth to be on your Android phone. Here is the Editor’s picks for this Fall 2017.

There are 13 games and 12 apps that made to this latest Editor’s picks Android Excellence for Fall 2017. Have a look at the complete list below.

List of Best Android Apps


There are a lot of very interesting and useful apps in this list of best Android apps and games picked for Android excellence for this quarter. For instance, Robinhood is among the best stock trading apps today while Bring! is the perfect app to plan your grocery list and Money Lover and Mint are very good apps for money management.




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