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You Look Silly When You Walk While Texting

You Look Silly When You Walk While Texting

This might seem like a laughing matter, but people actually die from this! It’s quite funny, to be honest, when people bump into poles while texting. You’ve probably been there and felt rather silly.

But, when you’re facing a moving vehicle, it’s as serious as it could get. According to the New York Post, 11% of traffic accidents are due to “distracted-walking.” That percentage goes back to 2005, as it has risen up to 15% in 2014. This means that at least one accident in every 10 accidents is related to someone walking and being distracted by something.

And what’s more distracting than texting? Now in New Jersey, you can get an actual ticket of $50 for texting while walking. Even more, you can go to jail for 15 days if you’re caught doing so. It might seem a bit extreme to you, or even absurd, but if there’s an accident that can be avoided through the law, I’d prefer to enforce it. If you’re the one behind the wheels, you wouldn’t find it as bizarre.

A simple action like this can endanger your life and that of others. We’re not telling you to stop texting on your way to your friends or to work; just try to pay attention where you’re going. If you find yourself too engaged in a conversation, maybe slow down a little bit and save yourself the hassle.

Do you agree with this law? Have you ever been so distracted while walking that you ended up in a really weird situation? Tell us about it in the comment section below. We’d love to hear from you.