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Look Who’s On Your Wi-Fi

Look Who’s On Your Wi-Fi

Have you experienced your Wi-Fi getting slower with websites, videos, or even simple file transfers lagging than they used to? Have you noticed mysterious devices on your Windows Explorer, or when you cast media to your TV? Even though you don’t mind people watching Netflix on your internet, anyone who has access to your network can cause irrepressible damage than you can actually imagine.

Wi-Fi security will always be a concern for users. Whether you have Wi-Fi security protocols or your shared Wi-Fi keys have been stolen or misused, setting up a Wi-Fi connection following the correct security measures is as important as monitoring your network for intruders and illegal connections.

Securing a Wi-Fi Access Point is critical. If left unsecured, anyone can steal your network bandwidth, hack into your system, do illegal activities via your network, or gain access to vital information. Wi-Fi protocols are simply guidelines that have been created to establish Wi-Fi communication in a secure and safe way. Wi-Fi protocols simply encrypt data when it is being transferred within the network.

Here are 4 ways to check who is connected to your Wi-Fi network, check the status, and be alerted if a new device has connected to the network.

Wi-Fi Inspector

Just as the name suggests, Wi-Fi Inspector is a software tool that enables users to view and analyse network information and status easily. This tool is a freeware and is available for Windows and Mac OS.

Users can monitor the network connection in real-time and ensure that they are using the best and fastest performance of their wireless network at their organisation or household.

If you happen to have a laptop with an existing wireless network adaptor, you can freely surf the internet from various locations around the world. When you are not on the usual premises, problems might arise that you may be interested to find out about the status of the connection.

The Wi-Fi inspector provides a helpful way to track down the nearest connection by tracking the nearest signal strength. When you’re at home, the signal strength monitor can also be used to test your own wireless network, check its range and test for any occurring black spots.

The interface of this program is divided into four panels where you have the radar indicating any nearby networks according to the signal strength. The Connection panel, on the other hand, provides reliable information of the network’s connection that is currently being used such as signal strength and the IP address that it has been configured to.

Features & Requirements

Your Wi-Fi

The main features of the Wi-Fi inspector are

    • It searches for Wi-Fi networks automatically and quickly.
    • Detects unauthorized APs and verify AP settings
    • Troubleshoots Wi-Fi connectivity issues with its built-in troubleshooting tools
    • Verifies Wi-Fi coverage (site survey)
    • You may control a laptop’s Wi-Fi connection with it.
    • Assists in locating Wi-Fi devices
    • Ensures the high performance of your network

Before installation, ensure that you have:

  • A running Windows 7 and later or Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) or 10.11 (El Capitan).
  • Wi-Fi adapter is required, which can be either built-in or external
  • Adobe Flash Player for running Speed Test is needed.
  • For Windows, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or later is required.

Wireless Network Watcher

The Wireless Network Watcher monitors all the connected devices to your wireless router. In case of any unknown intruders connected to your network, you will easily recognize them via this tool, and you can take measures with immediate effect.

First of all, it scans the network connection and then showcases the list of all connected devices on that network. It also highlights some important information such as the IP address, MAC address, the company that manufactured the network card, and optionally the computer name.

Wi-Fi Doctor-Detect and Boost

Wi-Fi Doctor-Detect and Boost is a small utility that enables users to detect the connected devices on your wireless network. It secures all the devices connected to your network by scanning them from time to time by showing the device’s brand and MAC in details.

In case a destructive app is opened in the background. This tool closes such apps in order to increase the speed of the network. And complete a particular task running in the foreground. This app is essentially designed for devices running on Android OS with its main features being:

  • Wi-Fi Security Check – It checks whether your Wi-Fi connection is safe.
  • Increase Network Speed – It increases the speed of the network by detecting and stopping apps that are secretly using Wi-Fi or cellular data in the background.
  • Wi-Fi Spy Detect – Scans all the devices connected to your Wi-Fi hotspot, including Android Phones, iPhones/iPads, PCs, etc.
  • Super Boost – This feature stops the apps from re-launching which automatically re-launch themselves in the background without authorization.

SoftPerfect Wi-Fi Guard

The SoftPerfect Wi-Fi Guard is an effective software tool for anyone running a small wireless network. To keep their network safe and secure. Modern Wi-Fi networks and routers are usually well protected. Despite all the Wi-Fi protocols and security measures, there are chances of being hacked and exposing security leaks. This is inclusive of encryption vulnerabilities and brute force attacks. Therefore, anyone can gain unauthorized access to your internet connection and LAN. Easily breach your network and use it for illegal purposes.

The main features of the SoftPerfect Wi-Fi Guard include:

  • Pings computers and other network devices, and displays those alive.
  • Detects firewalled computers that do not respond to ping.
  • Scans your network at a specified interval.
  • If an unknown device is found, it immediately alerts you.