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Make Any Android Phone Better Than iPhone X Using Gesture Control

Make Any Android Phone Better Than iPhone X Using Gesture Control

Have you ever wanted to interact with your Android phone by drawing symbols or making different shapes with your fingers or maybe a flying kiss? Lots of apps have tried to introduce this workflow and have had varying levels of success. There’s not even really any gestures implemented by Google themselves. The iPhone X model has shown us that we can operate our devices by using different software-based gestures instead of pushing the physical keys like the Home button that they got rid of with the latest model. But what about the Android phone users? Do we have a chance to turn our smartphones into modern gadgets? Yes, we do!

If you’re lucky enough to have a OnePlus 5T that’s enrolled in the Oxygen OS Open Beta program, it’s as easy as updating to latest firmware and enabling navigation gestures. While Google might not implement a system like this for years to come, for the rest of us, here’s a few apps that can help setting up iPhone X-like swipe gestures on your Android phone — it’s easier than you might think!

1. Gesture Control

The first time you launch this free app, you will be greeted by a quick tutorial. At the end of it, you’ll need to grant accessibility permission so that the app can be overlayed on-screen as well as control navigation features.. Then you will go to the settings and choose the “Gestures and actions”. It is a field where you can select the certain gesture and connect it with the necessary task. These options will let you control the gesture bar transparency and toggle the haptic vibration motor when actions take place. Next, jump into the settings and select the Gestures and actions option. Here, you can choose a gesture and assign it a task. These actions include going home, adjusting the phone’s volume, and even controlling media.

We also recommend you to visit the main settings and change the sensitivity level to a very high. It will help you to use the gestures easily. This option can be found into the “Settings” – “Properties” – “Sensitivity”. You have the option to pay for a Pro version where you will find a lot of additional features: brightness control, media control, volume actions, and so on. Download Gesture Control for free at Google Play Store here.

2. Xposed Gesture Navigation

Let this application help you control the navigation of your Android smartphone. It can work properly on the top of any apps. The gestures you are going to choose will allow you to forget about the hardware and the soft keys.

This is a paid application and needs Android 4.0 or higher for it to work on your Android phone. You can Download Xposed Gesture Navigation from Play Store here.

3. All in one Gestures

This app is pretty close to the previous one. It can also connect the tasks with the gestures. There’s no need in using the keys after launching the All in one Gestures application. it works with Android version 4.0 and higher. You Can Download it on your Android phone through Play Store here.

4. Quickify

Use this easy app to create all the gestures you wish. Download the Quickify and open it. Now click the “Plus” to start working. Here you will be asked to draw the new gesture and choose an exactly action to go with it.

When you do it, the floating icon will appear on your home screen. Tap it and draw your gesture to get the task you have programmed. Download it on your Android phone from Play Store here.

5. Hovering Controls

Have you ever dreamt about using your Android phone without touching it? If the answer is “Yes”, you have to try this application. It makes the sensor of the gadget register the simplest motions. Perform these motions in front of the screen and make the necessary tasks be done. Download it from Play Store here.

6. Smart Controls: Air Gestures

There are many interesting features this app can provide, such as Speaking Notifications, Pocket Mode, Air Gesture control, etc. All of them can be configured on your Android phone.

You will be able to work with this application if your Android version is 4.0 and up, download it from Play Store here.

6. Automaton Locker

The Automaton Locker will help you wake your phone from standby exactly when you are in need of it. Using this application you will save the “Power” button and the battery of your device. The app uses many different sensors and that’s why its reaction to touches is so exciting.

By the way, the trial version of the application is free, download it on your Android phone from Google Play Store here.


As you can see, there are many different ways to bring Gesture Control to your Android phone and make it even better than the latest iPhone X. We would like to aware our readers that most of the apps need your smartphone to be rooted. Be careful with rooting your device and better consult with the specialist.

Do you want to do it? Have you already tried the Gesture Control? What do you think about all the described applications? Please, answer all these questions in the commentaries. We appreciate your opinion very much.