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The most exciting Google Maps feature ever is about to get even better

About a month ago, Google released the most exciting Google Maps feature ever to more Android and iPhone devices that support augmented reality (AR) features. That’s the Live View mode that places virtual directions right on top of an actual view of your surroundings with the help of the phone’s camera. AR usage definitely eats into battery life, of course, that’s why you wouldn’t use Live View mode continuously on your device. But it turns out that Google might have another exciting trick in the works that could significantly improve Google Maps navigation while walking, and further reduce the need to bring up Live View on the screen.

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Google Maps is about to receive a feature we’ve all been waiting for

It took a significant location tracking scandal for Google to actually do something about the user’s privacy when it comes to location tracking. After a report called Google out for misleading users who thought their location data wouldn’t be collected because of the way they set up location permissions, Google came up with fixes. Now you can stop Google from tracking you, except for those apps where location data is paramount — think Google Maps and Waze. Also, Google added better privacy features in Android 10, which deal with location data as well — freaking out Facebook in the process. On top of that, Google is about to make Google Maps even more private, if that’s something you [...]

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Google Maps Incognito Mode sent to preview group for testing

It’s been a long time coming — 4 months, actually, for those of you remembering back to Google I/O — but we’re finally getting our first real look at Incognito Mode for Google Maps. Ironically, the pictures we have are courtesy of some members of the Google Maps Preview test group who wish to remain anonymous.

As with Incognito Mode for Chrome and YouTube (and maybe even Google Pay in the future), the same for Maps would prevent your search queries and real-time tracked location from being recorded onto your Google account — useful for secret rendezvous and avoiding certain people. Read More

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Google is about to make Google Maps more like Waze

A couple of days ago, Google added some handy new features to its Google Maps apps for Android and iPhone, including Street View support (Android) and weather information (iPhone). But the company is looking to add a bunch of other tricks to Google Maps that should further improve your commuting experience. Whether you’re driving to work or using public transportation, these new features will undoubtedly come in handy. We’re looking at support for more Waze-like incident reports, as well as the ability to save preferred public transit options for quick access.

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