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Google Maps Introduces Hyperspace While Switching Between Planets

Google Maps is one of the best apps Google has ever made. Not only does Google Maps provide a great navigational experience, but it also provides useful information based on maps – such as where to find food nearby, time taken during travel, finding popular locations, viewing user reviews, and even helping blind people find their way. Even if one doesn’t use Google Maps to navigate, one can also use it for all kinds of actions. You can call the phone number of a company, view images of the top dishes of a restaurant, even check company assessments, and more.

Undoubtedly, Google’s products have become an essential part of our lives. The search giant has always [...]

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Google Maps New Feature Has Detailed Spoken Guidance For Walking Directions

Remember the last time you walked to a new place? How many streets did it take you to get there? Did you come across any complex intersections? How did you know exactly which turn to make and how certain were you that you weren’t getting lost?

We know how tricky it gets because we have also been in the same situation. Now think about the 36 million people who are legally blind making the same trip. If not, what about the 217 million other people who have moderate-to-severe visual impairments such as glaucoma, retinal degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, among others.

Google rolled out a new feature that provides extra-detailed spoken navigation when one is [...]

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This Google Maps trick is interesting and terrifying at the same time

Google Maps is one of the best apps Google ever made, and it’s obviously a must-have app on either an Android device or an iPhone. However, the app does have one huge downside, and it’s one Google has been trying to correct in recent years. If you have no idea what that is, then Google’s newest Maps trick — the 2019 Timeline update — will make you aware of it.

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Google sending out 2019 Maps Timeline recap based on your Location History

Like New Year greetings, the window for apps and services to send 2019 recaps is winding down. Google Maps this week has been emailing a “2019 Timeline update” chock-full of location and travel statistics.


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