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Microsoft Accidentally Leaks the Redesigned Windows Start Button

Microsoft Accidentally Leaks the Redesigned Windows Start Button

When Microsoft got rid of the start button in their Windows 8 release, everyone got pissed. They were trying to create a new version of the OS that would fit responsive and touch devices. They failed horribly, but made quite the return.

Since the release of Windows 10, people have gone crazy about it. It’s just a good development by the company that most tech enthusiasts and users would approve of. It looks much better than other versions, and works relatively higher than any Windows release we’ve seen in the past.

So, one of the test beta-versions of the OS got leaked and interesting things have been made public. For a while the company had been taking surveys to test their User Interface features and compatibility. One of the main things they focused on is the redesign of the Start button.

Bring the Start Button Back!

For long, users demanded the return of our beloved little button that always rests on the bottom-left. Microsoft just messed up the whole thing with Windows 8. We should be fair, though. They tried their best with the design and wanted to make something innovative.

But it turned out to be another hated Vista! If you still remember that release, you must know what we’re talking about. Windows 8 has the same downsides, with massive lags and bugs you would experience at weird times. Not only that, users pointed out that navigating the operating system was a lot harder if you don’t have a second display.

Users with touch notebooks and similar devices weren’t really bothered by the design. It was fairly easy to navigate and even facilitated lots of daily activities. But performance stayed the same for all devices. The internet got flooded with complaints in regards to how heavy the windows is, and how similar performance issues started to appear across different users and devices.

But we can rest for the time-being. Windows 10 is here and we’re loving it. It seems that the company did their best to get this release out, and they’re working pretty hard on improving extra features.

Users Complain and Microsoft Listens

After tons of forum threads and the never-ending nagging on Reddit, Microsoft listened to the complained of the users and took them into consideration. Revamping the start button is not a bad idea; everything needs improvement every now and then. But deleting it all together was a terrible move by the company.

It’s back, and it seems like it’s not going anywhere. The new redesigned Windows button is a bit simplified, aimed at being applicable for both laptop and tablet devices. Microsoft is paying attention to the high market demand when it comes to foldable devices. They’re also taking into consideration their Surface devices; and how the new Windows release will affect their functionality and how users interact with them.

Why Windows 10 Is Better Than Other Releases

start button

As we said, when Windows 8 got rolled out… we became a little bit excited. But it was all in vain. It turned out to be a terrible development step by the company. However, they made it all up for us users in their 10th release.

When Windows 8 began showing all the terrible traits it had, most users went back to using Windows 7. The latter proved to be quite efficient, and facilitated many of our tasks with no errors or lags.

When Windows 10 became available, people got a little bit wary. They didn’t want to upgrade in case it turned out to be yet another failure by Microsoft. However, after several testing of the operating system, users were astonished by how much work the company put into the whole thing.

Windows 10 proved to be quite the performer, displaying much more elegant graphics at a higher performance speed than any release we’ve seen before. Not only that, the company has integrated so many new things that we didn’t think about before. They upgraded the Snippet Tool to Snip & Scratch.

Not only that, they also added a new gaming system highly targeted to enhance your gaming and streaming experience. Game mode tries to optimize your PC’s resources towards your gaming activities, so you may have the best performance while playing. As you’re probably aware, Windows 10 updates automatically (which is a good thing). If you’re using Game Mode, you won’t be bothered by any other program clogging up the speed of your device. Game Mode means that when you’re gaming, you’re PC understands the importance of such activity… and becomes optimized towards that objective. It also comes with an integrated gameplay recorder, so you don’t have to use yet another software to capture your best plays.


All in all, Windows 10 is a great development by Microsoft. After the multiple complaints they received for removing the Windows button on their 8th release, the company brought another redesigned version that is just enough to maximize our navigation options.

If you’re still using Windows 7 or 8, you better upgrade as soon as possible. We promise you, regardless of the type and model of your device, you’ll have the best experience a windows can ever give.

What do you think of Microsoft’s newest release? Do you like the newly integrated windows button? Are you bothered by any of the new changes? Let us know in the comments section below. We’d love to hear from you!