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The Pixel 4 may have face-sensing tech that goes beyond the iPhone XS

The Pixel 4 is on the way. It may be packing some new tech for Google, and leaked screen protectors are implying Google’s next flagship will have face-sensing tech that’s beyond even Apple’s iPhone XS.

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New leak tells us the real reason the Pixel 4 has a huge bezel

When the Pixel 3 launched last fall, we witnessed the ugliest notch design so far. Not only did Google joined a growing list of Android vendors that cloned the iPhone X’s design, but it did a terrible job at it. The Pixel 3 XL featured a colossal notch, compared to everything else out there, as well as significant chin — the Pixel 3, meanwhile, featured symmetrical top and bottom bezels. Google won’t repeat the same design mistake with the Pixel 4, although the phone isn’t what you’d call pretty, not by 2019 standards in any case. The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will not have notches whatsoever, a series of leaks have told us. But a brand new one indicates that the real reason why Google [...]

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Huawei’s Mate 30 Pro is getting a fantastic camera feature you won’t find on any iPhone

Leaks are continuing to trickle out in advance of Huawei’s release of its next flagship that’s likely to happen in October — which is when the Mate 30 Pro, unquestionably one of the most exciting phones still to come this year, will finally arrive. And in addition to some of the early features of the handset’s design we’ve already reported, like the smaller notch at the top and extreme screen edges, a pair of new trademark filings suggests the phone’s camera will be particularly impressive.

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This could be our first look at an Android-powered feature phone from Nokia

For the past few months, we’ve been tracking developments in Chrome that point to Android becoming a competitor to KaiOS by entering the feature phone market. Today, the first purported image of an Android feature phone has come to light, with Nokia stylings.


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