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Most Popular Chat App Now Has a Battery Life Saving Feature

Most Popular Chat App Now Has a Battery Life Saving Feature

Finally, the much-awaited WhatsApp dark mode is finally here on Android and iPhones devices all over the world.

WhatsApp dark mode is basically a new design for the popular messaging app, which lets one change from its traditional colored-theme of light grey and green, to darker shades that are designed to emit less glare at night.

There are a couple of reasons why users may want to switch to the dark side, but the reception has been good so far. First and foremost, you might be among the many people who find dark backgrounds easier to look at for long periods of time, or you use the app at night on most occasions.

WhatsApp recently released a video to drive the WhatsApp dark mode campaign home. In the video, people are seen wincing at bright screens, while a previously unreleased version of Paul Simon’s “The Sound of Silence” plays in the background.

Darker screens use less power especially if your device has an AMOLED display. The other reason could be just because it looks cool and makes a refreshing change from the all-white interface.

In a statement, Facebook said, “Dark mode for WhatsApp offers a fresh look on a familiar experience. It’s designed to reduce eye strain in low light environments. And we hope it helps prevent those awkward moments when your phone lights up the room.”

Dark mode has always been one of the app’s most requested features, with users constantly urging the company to implement dark mode in response to new updates and features.

The best thing about the dark mode feature are the health benefits it has. The app limits the use of blue light which is designed to improve readability in the daylight. In low-light, the blue light can cause your brain to stop producing melatonin, which leads to disrupted sleep cycles and make it harder to fall sleep.

Technology has made many of us check our phones in bed before retiring for the night. Since 1985, the percentage of adults not getting six hours of sleep per night has increased by 31%.

How to Get WhatsApp Dark Mode for Android

Activating WhatsApp dark mode for Android users is quite simple. Activating the option is so simple:

  1. Open the app menu
  2. Select ‘Settings’
  3. Tap ‘Chats’
  4. Tap ‘Theme’
  5. Select ‘Dark’

If you’re part of the Android beta program, you can still receive the update. The writing of the program is currently full but you can find new slots especially now that the dark mode release is official.

To do this:

  1. Sign up for the beta program through the Google Play Store
  2. Wait for your account to be processed (this may take a few hours)
  3. Update your app
  4. If you can’t see an update option, download and install the APK
  5. Restart WhatsApp
  6. Follow the instructions above to activate dark mode

How to Get WhatsApp Dark Mode for iPhone

The steps are pretty much simple like Android:

  1. Open the app menu
  2. Go to ‘Settings’
  3.  ‘Chats’
  4. Then ‘Theme’
  5. Select ‘Dark’

The iOS beta is also full. However, you can keep checking if there are new spots available. Then you can follow the instructions:

  1. Check to see if the beta is open and join if possible
  2. Install TestFlight on your device
  3. Click the link in the invitation email from WhatsApp
  4. Update and launch WhatsApp
  5. Follow the instructions above to activate dark mode

How to Get WhatsApp Dark Mode on Desktop

According to a developer, Mahesh B Wijerathna, WhatsApp will be getting a dark mode update for desktop users. He discovered this possibility as he was trawling through the CSS (cascading style sheet) for the website.

“I’ve been developing the Dark mode for @WhatsApp desktop for some time now and I just saw these updates on v0.4.930 which has their signature dark color. They might release the dark mode soon. Here’s how it looks at the moment.” Pinging @WABetaInfo

However, the desktop mode doesn’t seem to be quite finished yet. The emojis appear to be on a white background, as opposed to a transparent one as expected. For now, it’s not available for testing yet as it wasn’t released at the same time as iPhone and Android dark modes. One can create a similar effect using a free plugin called stylus for Firefox and Chrome, which lets one create custom style sheets for individual sites.

Other Ways to Extend Battery Life in WhatsApp

One of the main reasons people use dark mode for WhatsApp is to extend battery life. However, there are other clever ways to make the app less power-hungry without switching to dark mode.

If you don’t like WhatsApp’s choice of colors for dark mode, you can simply make a few tweaks and make your own customization. Simply enter the app’s settings, select ‘Chats’ and tap ‘Wallpaper’, then choose ‘Solid colour’ and select something darker than the standard pale grey background.

This won’t change the colour of the message bubbles, menus and other interface elements, but Google’s research discovered that black pixels drain substantially less power than others.

WhatsApp downloads a lot of files in the background by default. This makes the phone’s battery drain fast. To conserve power, you can simply open WhatsApp’s settings and select ‘Data and storage usage’. From here, you can choose when media should be downloaded when you’re using mobile data, when connected to Wi-Fi, or when roaming. If you turn these off, videos and images sent in messages will be downloaded when you tap them.

You can also activate your phone’s power-saving mode to make it last a little bit longer between charges. Depending on the setting you choose, this can turn down the brightness of your screen, stop apps sending and receiving data when they run in the background, and limit CPU speed.