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Netflix Price Hike? Here’s What You Can Do

Netflix Price Hike? Here’s What You Can Do

Ever since Netflix price hike for their basic, standard and premium plans, there has been uproar on social media. With some calling it a betrayal while others are claiming that the price hike is not worth the content out on the platform. At times like this, you start to reevaluate your decisions. So as you consider your options and decide if Netflix is worth the money. Here are a few options that might make your decision of late might binge-watching a little bit easier.

Comparison of Netflix to other streaming services

Is Netflix the cheapest streaming service out there? The answer is No. But is Netflix worth it? The answer to that is about the type of content you want. If TV Shows are your cup of tea then maybe Hulu is better with an ad-free package at $11.99. A dollar short than the standard Netflix plan at $12.99. If you perhaps prefer the edgier award-winning content, the kind that gets nominated for Emmys. You might not mind paying $14.99 for HBO rather than paying $15.99 for Netflix.

What Netflix offers

According to a survey done in 2016, Netflix offers about 14,835 titles including Movies and TV Shows. This number has only gone up in the last few years with Netflix. While adding new titles every day increasing their collection very rapidly, very quickly.

Netflix has even offered about 700 originals in 2018 which only further increases its value. Another critical value Netflix gives to its customers is a wide range of availability. Netflix’s biggest competitors Hulu and HBO only offer their services in the U.S and Canada leaving the rest of the market untouched. Netflix saw this market and tapped into it. Netflix now streams in 190 countries with almost 130 million of its users from outside the U.S.

They have even launched many shows in their specific languages to attract a larger audience. Shows in Hindi, Spanish, Italian, etc.

Try it before you buy it

Netflix gets a one up compared to other streaming services. With the option to get one month free of Netflix on any plan you want including their premium plan with 4k quality and four screens at a time. This allows you to get a taste of what the streaming giant offers to see if it is a good fit for you and if it actually brings you the guilty-pleasure of binge watching TV Shows. All that without paying a dime, if you do end up deciding that it is not a good fit for you. Or it doesn’t have the variety of shows you want, you can cancel anytime without any extra or hidden fees, and you can continue using it till the end of the billing month after which your subscription ends.

Choosing the right plan

If you already know that Netflix is your one true calling, however, the price hike is taking a toll on your pocket, maybe your plan needs downgrading. Who really needs four screens at one time when you live alone, work all day and only watch shows alone at night? What good is 4k quality when your phone or laptop can’t even support it? With the standard plan you get the most for your money, and if you share the account with a friend, you only have to pay half the price.

The standard plan does have its downsides as well, with it being Netflix’s most popular plan. it received the biggest hike in pricing. With basic-only increasing a dollar and standard moving from 10.99 to 12.99. Although if you have a family of five members, one account with 2 screens are needed in which case the loss in quality will have to be compensated with the selection Netflix offers.

With all the outrage issue, the decision becomes relatively hard but what matters is you and your needs. Maybe cut down on other services to make room for Netflix? Maybe your budget needs you to compromise on the quality by downgrading from standard to basic? With its ever-growing collection of titles ad and the fact that there are no restrictions to how much content a user can stream it gives an advantage to the customer on a tight budget. There are a few titles on Netflix that are worth much more than the current pricing. You may realize, you are paying for a good deal even with the Netflix price hike. Don’t forget, all the Movies and TV Shows are also all collected under one app organized and stored for your ultimate convenience.