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Netflix Has A Secret Page You Probably Didn’t Know Exists

Netflix Has A Secret Page You Probably Didn’t Know Exists

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of quality time especially over the weekend on Netflix streaming videos.  Out of all the major ones, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix; Netflix is by far the one I use most.  It’s also the most popular of the three in the United States.  In fact, this streaming giant just hit a new milestone mark of subscribers at 125 million!  This is roughly one in every 2.5 person in the United States.  This is quite a feat by a company that just started out sending DVDs through the mail trying to undercut Blockbuster and their ridiculous late fees.

There are many hidden features inside of Netflix.  If you do a lot of troubleshooting or snooping around the site, you can discover a LOT of features you did not know they had.  We’ll be doing posts of each one we find, so look forward to that.

Typically these tools are found when you are doing some investigative work on an issue; however, this particular trick we found was because we were randomly following a Philippines’s twitter account.  A twitter user was complaining to about how Netflix_PH did not carry a specific title from comedian Chelsa Peretti.  The response from Netflix is stated below:

Chelsa Peretti fired back with a pretty clever response:

You can ask for your favorite Movies and TV Series to be added on Netflix


Apparently, you can request for a title to be put in your region.  This is pretty mind blowing.  Of course, you can request any title you want, but don’t expect movies that are still running in theaters or other streaming exclusive shows like Star Trek Discovery or Amazon’s Jack Ryan to be in there anytime soon.  However, if the title is available on it’s site in Japan, there is a greater likelihood baring any copyright issues that it will be on the main site as well.  Good luck and happy streaming!

Source: Verge