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NeverEnding Netflix: Best Way to Improve Your Binge Watching

NeverEnding Netflix: Best Way to Improve Your Binge Watching

When it comes to online streaming services, Netflix is loved by al. It came to change the rules of the game, and we really do appreciate it.

Cord-cutting is resonating well with this generation. We’re just sick of how things were done, and providers are making our dreams come true. Although it comes on top of all online streaming services, Netflix is facing harsh competition these days.

The platform is quite nice to navigate through, but it does have some weak points. Third-party developers have worked around it to improve Netflix users’ experience. The best example would be the amazing Chrome extension called Never Ending Netflix.

But before we get into that, let’s go ahead and see why some Netflix users might opt for the competition.

What Netflix Lacks at the Moment

It has its fair share of good intellectual TV shows; and it has its long list of cheesy romances. But what Netflix lacks at the moment is not really concerned with its vast library of things to watch. The platform itself has some really annoying features that users keep complaining about.

For instance, a lot of people are annoyed by how new shows on the homepage play their trailers automatically, without you asking for it. It feels like the homepage is always popping and alive; and it should be a good thing. But somehow, it’s quite distracting for viewers, according to online opinion.

Aside from that, Netflix is really messy if you look at it. It doesn’t really have any good criteria to separate the shows and categorize them in a proper way. Also, the feature that pops a prompt for you ever once and a while saying “are you still watching?” is really unnecessary when you’re binge watching. We’re not trying to be too picky, but the platform could use some improvements.

Never Ending Netflix: the Best Thing Yet!

neverending netflix

As we said earlier, some developers have acknowledged the problems that Netflix have at the moment, and somehow provided the perfect solution. The best thing we’ve found so far is Never Ending Netflix.

This little Chrome extension has some amazing features that make your binge watching much smoother. They’ve listened to what online users complain about, and changed the whole thing. Here’s what Never Ending Netflix does:

  • You can now automatically skip the intros and watch the episode immediately.
  • You can choose to either always play the credits, or just automatically play the next episode.
  • No more “are you still here?” pop-ups. You can sleep next to your screen, and Netflix will keep blasting those good shows.
  • No more shady categories: this extension provides around 3000 genres to choose from.
  • You can also disable the auto-play of trailers and previews if you’d like.

Although the changes seem really simple, you’ll notice how much they improve your experience. Netflix really needs to start listening to what people are complaining about. We love the platform, and everybody does. It’s the main online streaming service for a reason. But it might not last for long if they keep ignoring the public opinion.

How Can I Add Never Ending Netflix to Chrome?

Well, it’s really simple to do so. Just head over to this link and press the blue button that says” add to Chrome.” A download file will be prompted, and should be added to the browser soon after. Make sure to restart your application for the extension to work properly.

More than 20 thousand users have already downloaded the extension and use it on daily basis. All the more reason to give it a try!

How the Competition Might Overthrow Netflix

Other companies are privy to the massive demand for cord-cutting, and that’s a danger to Netflix on its own. But later this year, we should expect Disney to launch its own streaming service. This will definitely be a contender to behold, with access to new creations by Marvel Studios, ranging from original TV shows to our beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe movies. The new platform will be named Disney+, and is expected to be launched later this year.

Also, big shows like Friends are pulling out from Netflix. Networks are waking up to the hype and are determined to create their own thing. What should Netflix do at the moment to counter these new contenders? Should they produce more shows?

Well, honestly, at the rate they’re going, they don’t need to. We’d say they’re doing a pretty good job so far, and we won’t be able to let them go. However, they might prevent a good amount of users from fleeing if they fix whatever is bothering their users.

Until then, we have Never Ending Netflix to thank for. It’s incredibly amazing how this little extension improves the whole Netflix & Chill experience. If you’re bothered by some of the platform’s features, just add the extension to your browser and get watching!

What does tend to bother you whenever you’re binge watching on Netflix? Let us know in the comments section below. We’re more than happy to hear from you!