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Amazon reportedly in talks to acquire a chain of movie theaters

One day, there will be no worlds left for Amazon to conquer, as it slowly absorbs every industry on the planet. Today is not that day though, as Bloomberg reports that Amazon is one of several potential suitors in the running to acquire the Landmark Theaters chain of brick-and-mortar movie theaters.

Sources tell Bloomberg that 2929 Entertainment, backed by billionaires Mark Cuban and Mark Wagner, are currently in talks with a range of companies regarding the sale of the theater chain. Founded in 1974, Landmark Theaters focus on independent and foreign films. 2929 Entertainment bought the chain in 2003 for about $80 million, and although it is now looking to sell, nothing has [...]

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Report: Google to open ‘flagship’ retail store in Chicago

Google’s hardware ambitions have expanded massively over the past couple of years, and along with that we’ve seen an increase in the company’s retail presence. Now, we’re hearing a report that points to Google opening a retail shop in Chicago.


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10 Hidden Netflix Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know

Who doesn’t love spending a lazy day inside binge-watching their favorite TV show? Netflix has changed the landscape of television for the better. Netflix has put a lot of effort into creating  a great viewing experience for their users. Still, there are ways you can improve your viewing experience even more. Here are ten of my favorite Netflix hacks.

1 ) Add Rating, Reviews, and Trailers

By downloading the Netflix Enhancement Suite, you will be able to add Rotten Tomatoes ratings, IMDB links, Metacritic rating, and more. This will make it distinguish the critically acclaimed from the trash. You can also add trailers so you can see what a movie is about before [...]

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Google Always Knows Where You Are Even If You Disable Location Data

Have you ever crossed a billboard, and the minute you logged into your social media, saw an ad for the previously advertised brand? It happens with people too, not just Ads. Check your ‘people you may know’ tab on Facebook the minute you leave a café, you will notice that it enlists pretty much everyone that has been sitting around you for the past hour or so. So does this sound like a godly miracle or sheer luck? Not exactly. The truth is that Google Services on both Android and iPhone devices store your location data, even if you specifically chose not to.

You might think that you’re safe from Google’s peeping eyes by turning off your location history in your privacy [...]

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