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This app you’ve never heard of lets you watch shows and movies for free that aren’t even on Netflix

People often think that when it comes to streaming TV shows and movies online, there are only three options: pay for the good stuff, steal the good stuff, or stream the bad stuff. It’s true that all the best streaming services cost money, and oftentimes they’re worth it. If you want the broadest collection of movies and shows along with some of the best original content in the world, you subscribe to Netflix. If you want just-released movies with popular shows sprinkled in, you pay for a service like HBO Now. If you want it all and you have no regard for the people and companies that create all this great content, you steal it using any of the thousands of torrent [...]

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Google Maps can no longer directly book an Uber ride

Early last year Google announced that it was partnering with Uber to offer integration with the popular ride-sharing service directly within Google Maps. Now, though, that functionality is going away.


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Three reasons the RED Hydrogen One could be the most interesting phone of 2018

This is gonna be one hell of a phone.

For a company that’s never made a smartphone before, RED is sure getting a lot of attention with its upcoming debut phone, the Hydrogen One. That’s thanks in part to RED’s massive brand recognition outside of the smartphone space, where it’s known as a leading name in cinematography. Whether you were aware of it or not, most of your favorite movies were likely shot on RED’s digital cinema cameras, along with videos from some popular YouTubers.

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iPhones Running iOS 12 Will Automatically Share Your Precise Location on U.S. 911 Emergency Calls

An iPhone running iOS 12, which will be available later this year, will automatically share a caller’s precise location data with first responders during a 911 call in the United States.

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