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Verizon’s TV strategy sounds like a mess

Thanks to those gosh-darn millenials’ refusal to pay $100 a month for a cable package, the traditional TV industry is going through a tough time right now. Pay TV packages are being dropped faster than ever before, and new cord-cutting cable alternatives are popping up every months.

Now, some companies are responding to this with a coherent strategy for 21st century media: AT&T’s DirecTV Now online streaming service has hit a million subscribers in its first year of operation, thanks to the low price (and unsustainably good deals for other AT&T customers). But Verizon? Well, that’s a very different story.

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It looks like there’s a way to speed up your old iPhone 6 or 6s, but you’re not going to like it

Can an old iPhone battery be responsible for a noticeable drop in overall performance? Some of you may already know what I’m talking about, the kind of iPhone slowness you start noticing soon after you install a brand new iOS version. Some people say Apple’s to blame, as the company is looking to convince customers to upgrade their devices by slowing down their existing iPhones. That’s just silly, of course.

It’s just a coincidence that you start noticing how slow an old iPhone is after installing a brand new iOS release right when a new iPhone launches. That’s because every major iPhone release is preceded by the launch of the latest iOS, which might include new features that [...]

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This $19 device gives your Fire TV a huge speed boost

There’s nothing worse than sitting down to stream a movie only to have it repeatedly freeze because other people in your home are clogging up your Wi-Fi. What you might not know, however, is that there’s a simple accessory that can make sure that never happens to you again. If you have a Fire TV Stick or an All-New Fire TV, there’s a simple accessory that you should buy immediately. It’s called the UGREEN Ethernet Adapter, and it adds an Ethernet port to your streaming device to give you wired internet speeds 100% of the time. Is your home not wired for Ethernet? Don’t worry, just pick up a powerline internet adapter like this one and you can convert your regular old wall outlets [...]

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Google Pixel 2’s AR Stickers launch today w/ ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Stranger Things’ content

The Google Pixel 2’s camera is second to none on the market today, and thanks to software updates it’s only getting better and better. Now, one of Google’s biggest camera features is officially launching with AR Stickers.


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