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More Than 250 People Have Died Taking Selfies Around The World

Smiling for the camera and taking selfies culture as we call it have become a phenomenon as dominating as ever. Our Modern Ears are not surprised when they hear someone say, “Let’s take a selfie.” You do not know any person in your social circle, which has an empty “selfie-less” gallery in their phone.

Psychologists think of it as a proof of one’s narcissistic nature; which is an extremely self-centered and grandiose opinion of oneself. On top of that, the number of selfies turning into fatal ones has drawn peculiar and extraordinary attention towards the matter.

Taking Selfies and their influence on our lives

Our personal and social lives have [...]

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OnePlus 6T launch event moved up a day to not conflict with Apple’s event

Just last week, OnePlus announced that it would unveil the highly-anticipated OnePlus 6T on Tuesday, October 30th – just over five months after the launch of the OnePlus 6. Unfortunately for OnePlus, Apple decided that October 30th was also the date that it wanted to hold its next event, where we expect the next iPad Pro to be unveiled. Concerned about being overshadowed, OnePlus opted to move its event up to October 29th.

So OnePlus CEO Pete Lau took to the community forums on Friday to explain the decision, revealing that he and his team actually reached out to members of the press to ask them how the two events overlapping might play out. They were told that sticking [...]

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Verizon’s buy one, get one offer is the best deal on the new Google Pixel 3

If you need a new smartphone and want the best (without shelling out a grand or more), the new Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are fantastic options. Verizon’s BOGO offer is the best way to score a deal, letting you snag a free phone and save $800.

The post Verizon’s buy one, get one offer is the best deal on the new Google Pixel 3 appeared first on Digital Trends.

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Does President Donald Trump Still Use An Android Phone?

Donald Trump is known for using an Android phone. Most of his offbeat tweets show that they come from an Android device. But recently Trump’s twitter posts have been coming from an iPhone. Therefore, this has left everybody wondering… has he ditched his Android for an Apple product?

Before March, most if not all his tweets came from an Android phone. Then, Trump posted a comment about a survey that illustration promising employment trends. This tweet came from an iPhone. His tweets since this post have come from a device that clearly isn’t the Android phone we have gotten used to seeing him with.

Switch From iPhone To Android

At first, people believed this [...]

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