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Phone Charging Slowly? Problem Solved

Phone Charging Slowly? Problem Solved

As your phone gets older, it will start to take longer to charge and you’d feel like your it’s your phone charging slowly. This can be terribly inconvenient if you’re in a hurry and do not have time to wait for it to charge. While the problem is annoying, it is one that is solvable. The more you know about how phones are charged, the better you will be able to find a solution that works.

Wired Vs Wireless

Wired and wireless are the two main methods for charging mobile devices. Most smartphones come with a USB cable that will charge the device. Until recently, these cables have remained consistent in how they work. Many Android brands have introduced Fast Charging technology that allows the cable to charge the phone at a faster rate. With some phones, it might only take a half hour to reach a full charge.

Wireless chargers have become an increasingly popular alternative. The advantage of using a wireless charging pad is that it is more convenient. Cables are easier to lose and have to be replaced more frequently. USB cables can also wear down your cell phone over time. Wireless charging does not have this issue. Larger charging pads allow you charge more than one device at once for added convenience. The downside of wireless charging is that they lack the efficiency that USB cords have. It will take longer to reach a full charge using a charging pad and feel like its’ your phone charging slowly. The other downside is that wireless charging pads cost more, at least initially.

Check The Accessory

One reason for a phone charging slowly is that the charger itself is broken. If you have an old charger, try switching it out for a new one. This way you can tell whether or not the source of the problem is the smartphone. Most USB cords have a short lifespan, simply because we use them so much. All the stretching and pulling takes its toll.

You should also check the port. Your phone’s charging port might have suffered damage if it was dropped. Some ports can also erode over time. If you use your laptop to charge your smartphone, also think about how old the computer is. A five-year old laptop might not have the power source needed to quickly charge a battery. You can also try cleaning the port. Take a toothpick or small brush and try to remove any debris that might have gotten into the port.

Airplane Mode

Once you rule out issues with the charger and the port, it is time to consider the phone. Older phones take longer to charge it comes across like it’s your phone charging slowly. One way to speed up the charging process is to put the phone on airplane mode while you charge it. This will turn off wireless connectivity. Because WiFi and cellular are such battery drains, disabling them can significantly reduce charging times.

Background Apps

Many apps, like Facebook, run in the background, even when you are not using them. If you have a lot of apps running in the background, this can slow down the charging process. On your Android device, go to Settings > Battery. Here you will find a battery usage menu. In this menu, you can see what apps are running in the background and disable the background activity. You will also be able to see which apps are draining the battery the most. If you see an app that you do not use, delete it.

Update to Latest Android Version for Your Device

If you recently updates your phone, this could be the reason that the phone is taking longer to charge. There could be a glitch in the update. It is worth switching back to the older version and seeing if it makes a difference.

Consider Your Habits

If you have a tendency to use the phone while you are charging it, this could explain why it feels like the phone takes forever to charge. Especially if you are playing games or browsing on a social media app because these applications use a lot of power.

The Battery

If all else falls, the problem could be that you need a new battery. Lithium batteries can only be charged a set amount of time before they stop working. Especially if you notice that the phone not only takes a long time to charge but it also does not hold the charge very long, it is possible the battery has reached a point where it needs to be replaced.