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Is any phone really worth $1000

Is any phone really worth $1000

Apple wasn’t only daring in their design of the iPhone X, but also with their pricing; the iPhone X increasing by $200 from the price of the iPhone 8. That means for the first time, we have a smartphone that costs $1000. Brrrr…a thousand bucks for a smartphone. It’s fair to say, Apple had been laying the groundwork for this. The 256 GB iPhone 8 Plus is $949. So, it’s not coming as much of a surprise. But Apple is not the only one playing the 1000-bucks challenge, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 retails for about $930, $960 ish, which is more or less 1000 bucks.

And you know what? People don’t actually care. The iPhone X sold out within minutes of being on sale as well as selling over 6 million units during the Black Friday weekend. So the question with these 1000 bucks smartphones is not necessarily affordability – at least the sales data proves this – but rather if the darn thing is worth every penny.

It is quite confusing, however, because, at the same time Apple and Samsung are pushing the boundaries of what people pay, up, the average price for smartphones with premium features has either decreased or remained the same; from $482 to $460. Thing is, Apple is very smart with their marketing, and they know they can eat their cake and have it too. For example, one of the common marketing tactics Apple uses is known as the ‘Anchoring Effect’.

It’s a way Apple makes you feel like you’re making the best decision ever. First, they present you with a baseline, a middle ground, and then the ceiling. For example, the iPhone 7 cost $649, $749, and $849 for the 32GB, 128GB, and 256GB respectively. Who wants a 32GB iPhone anyways? But it’s there to provide a cognitive bias towards the 128GB model that you can get by paying an extra $100.

For you to know how well this works, Apple decided to make do with the 128GB option for the iPhone X and instead made available just the 64GB and 256GB. It would interest you to know that the 256GB model has sold twice as much as the 64GB model according to BGR, which means higher profit margins for Apple. They literally have the whole world (did I hear you say not me!) in the palm of their hands.

All this is to point out that while Apple makes good products, they also know the game pretty well.

Back to the matter at hand: should any smartphone be worth $1000, in particular, the iPhone X?

Especially since most of the features and specs, Apple is touting in their “smartphone of the future” such as wireless charging, face recognition, and no-bezel displays were already in the market. So what is new that Apple is bringing to the table? I mentioned earlier how the average price of smartphones with premium features has dropped to $460. Let’s see an example of smartphones in this range and see how they compare with the iPhone X. And I’m not talking about a basic smartphone; I’m talking about smartphones with flagship-level components. Let’s look at the OnePlus 5T and the Razer Phone.

The OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T is a great smartphone and it will only cost you half of what the iPhone X costs. Its 8GB RAM blows out the iPhone X’s 3GB RAM. It comes with a 6-inch screen with very little bezel space and an aspect ratio of 18:9. The face-recognition is superfast unlocking your phone. If you prefer fingerprint technology, the 5T spots one in the middle of the back side just like the Google Pixel 2. The fingerprint works in 0.2 seconds. Its Snapdragon 835 chipset is as best as they come in flagship smartphones. And yes, it still spots the headphone jack. It has a 16 MP front camera and a dual rear camera of 16MP and 20MP and also comes with a 3,300mAh battery.

The Razer Phone

The Razer phone is a behemoth of a smartphone built for the perfect gaming experience. The Razer spots a quad HD display screen that refreshes at 120 frames per second – the first of its kind for a smartphone – that delivers that smooth motion experience on your device. Asides this, enjoy an almost cinematic experience with Dolby Atmos that guarantees quality sound. It comes packed with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset just like the 5T with 8GB RAM. Battery life is also superb with a 4,000mAh battery; one of the biggest around. The front camera is 8MP and comes with rear dual cameras – both 12MP each.

As you can see, there isn’t much difference between the OnePlus 5T, the Razer Phone, and the iPhone X; at least not enough to warrant almost double their prices. Yes, I said it! The Apple fanboys will come and tell you about how there’s no slow-motion video capture at different rates, depth-sensing infrared camera, and pressure-sensitive home button, but the truth is most people don’t need it. Even at that, shouldn’t cost an extra $500 on smartphones. The final verdict is that no smartphone is worth $1000 for what users are getting – not the Samsung Note 8 and definitely not the iPhone X.