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Verizon may shun the Pixel 4a, because not enough of you buy Pixel phones now

Verizon, once Google’s exclusive carrier partner, may decide not to sell the new Pixel phones this year.

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This is the most disturbing Pixel 5 rumor we’ve heard so far

Google owns the most popular mobile operating system in the world, but it’s still somehow unable to make smartphones that people line up to buy. The Nexus and Pixel phones have hardly been best-selling devices despite Google’s significant progress over the years. But just because Google can’t come up with an iPhone or Galaxy S equivalent that the masses want doesn’t mean it can afford to stop making high-end Pixel handsets.

Google phones are the only way the company can express its true vision for Android. With every new Android release, it’s Pixel phones that show the world what the new OS version is all about, and they’re the only phones that receive every update the [...]

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Behold: This is our first look at the Google Pixel 5 XL

Valentine’s Day 2020 will be remembered in the tech world as the day when Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip went on sale, and the new foldable sold out quickly. That’s not surprising given the fact that the clamshell handset is more affordable than alternatives, and it happens to be the world’s first phone to ship with bendable glass on top of the OLED screen. But February 14th, 2020 will also be remembered as the day we got our first look at a phone that’s not supposed to launch for another eight months. That’s the Pixel 5, which should be unveiled in October during a “Made by Google” hardware event, and it’ll be released in stores soon after that. The render below officially marks the [...]

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Google’s Pixel 3a is a steal at $399, but right now it’s only $325

If your jaw hit the floor when you saw that Samsung’s new Galaxy S20 series smartphones START at $1,000, you’re not alone. What on Earth is Samsung thinking?! The S20 looks nice and all, but people are starting to realize that flagship phones with sky-high price tags aren’t worth it anymore because affordable smartphones are so good these days. The perfect example is the Google Pixel 3a, which Google released last year. It’s got a great design, a terrific camera, fast charging, and all the latest and greatest Google features since it runs pure Android. It normally starts at $399, but Amazon is running a killer deal right now that slashes the price to just [...]

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