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How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Your Android Phone

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Your Android Phone

We all know that feeling, we didn’t mean to, but it happened anyway. One thing led to another, and in one swoop, that important text message is gone. Like gone forever? All the treasure trove of history shared between you and your lover or perhaps the incriminating evidence against someone. Whatever the content of your text messages is, don’t panic! You can still salvage the situation and recover deleted text messages. Hopefully!

Hopefully, not because there aren’t surefire ways to recover deleted text messages, but hopeful that the portions where these files are stored on your hard drive haven’t been overwritten by something else. Asides this, you are good to go. This post is the load down on how to retrieve your text messages on an android phone if you deleted them by mistake…or not.

How does data deletion work?

Let’s backtrack a lil bit, to understand how data deletion works, not only for informational purposes but because it can help you in the future. It’s very likely that you’ve heard people talk about how the things you delete from your computer don’t necessarily just disappear.

It’s right on the money.

Whatever you delete ‘hangs around’ the hard drive till you retrieve them, overwrite them, or delete them permanently (there are apps for this!). This is the exact thing that happens with Android devices. What should you do with this information? Simple, when you mistakenly delete your text messages or any file at that, you want to stop using your device till you can perform data recovery operations on it. This will eliminate the risk of your intended file being overwritten on by new files.

Using Data Recovery Apps to Recover Deleted Text Messages

This is the crux of the matter and it entails using data recovery tools if you really want to get your files back. These tools or apps scan your device’s hard drive for “deleted” files, inclusive of text messages and also help retrieve them – if they are still in existence.

A quick search on Google with the phrase “data recovery tools” will burst out lots of tools you can use for your android device. Most are usually compatible with Android and iOS devices, and basically follows the same principles across the board. Some tools come with a free trial, albeit with limited functionality and others are straight up paid for to gain access to any feature at all. Some examples of the best data recovery tools include Dr. Fone Android Data Recovery, FonePaw Android Data Recovery and FoneLab Android Data Recovery.

Perhaps downloading these apps and setting them up is the harder part as they are all relatively easy to use for data recovery. Maybe you might need to turn on USB debugging in your device’s Settings app via the Developer Tools, but asides that, there’s nothing overly technical. Almost plug and play and a few clicks. Yours is to ensure you follow all the on-screen prompts specific to each program. After the program does its thing, you’ll be able to see the different kinds of deleted data you can retrieve.

Different apps present your retrieved data in various formats. For example, FonePaw Android Data Recovery tool presents data in CSV and HTML formats, which you can then use Excel or a text editor app like WordPad. The HTML format is presented in a more structured and clear format. Please note that all retrieved files would be stored locally on your computer and not returned to your device like it never left; still better than nothing if you ask me.

Ensuring Your Text Messages Are Safe and Secure

This tip will help you keep your heart right where it ought to be – in your chest and not in your mouth because you deleted some messages by mistake. While the whole data retrieval process does exist and is not that complicated, there are still inherent risks that you might not be able to retrieve your text messages if they’ve been overwritten. Rather than bite your finger and wonder about what could have been, having a backup in place right before the mistakenly deleting your text messages trumps every other approach.

Again, in this case, there are numerous apps you can use to back up your text messages. However, we would be recommending SMS Backup and Restore. Not because they are nice or something, but because the stats speak for themselves; over five million downloads and about 4.5 on the rating scale. It is also free to download despite its many features.

SMS Backup and Restore stores your text messages in XML format when you do a backup. Additionally, you can have your files saved both locally and in the cloud, which reduces the risk of data loss and corruption. Also, you can import your files to your email, Google Drive or DropBox even. You can also set up automatic updates at your chosen interval. No more, “Shit, and it has been ages I last did a backup,” stories.