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Samsung Galaxy Fold Impressions

Samsung Galaxy Fold Impressions

Samsung Galaxy Fold is the newest smartphone from the giant Korean tech heavyweight.  It officially comes out April 26 in the United States. It will be available for pre-order in the UK and Europe the same day. As the name suggests, the smartphone folds, allowing for a wider screen than the typical smartphone, but at almost $2,000, it will be one of the most expensive smartphones on the market.  Here are some things of note from the Samsung Galaxy Fold.  We think you might be impressed.


The Galaxy Fold has a screen that folds in on itself like a book. This provides improved protection for the screen. Samsung reportedly spent about ten years designing this phone, ultimately going through more than a thousand unique prototypes to make it happen. The cost for r&d on this product must have been astronomical.  The Galaxy Fold has a 7.3-inch screen and features an innovative dual-axis hinge. The hinge will keep the screen from going beyond 180 degrees, while ensuring that the phone can be folded and unfolded repeatedly without much wear and tear. According to Samsung, the phone is designed to last for around 200,000 folds.  By the time you reach 200,000 folds– you’ll probably be onto the Galaxy Fold 3. 😀

The display is colorful and has an excellent contrast ratio, making it perfect for indoor use and outdoor use. The biggest disadvantage of the design is the visible crease down the middle of the screen. While this comes with the territory of a folding fold, it will be an adjustment for many people at first. The crease is not as noticeable when you are interacting with the device; however, if you’re just staring at it– you might notice the crease. Another disadvantage is its size. It is heavy and cumbersome. The screen also smudges easily.  If you can get over these flaws– the Galaxy Fold is certainly a device worth looking into.  Now flip the page for performance.

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