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Here are the most Googled queries in each state around Christmastime

The Christmas holiday is a time of gift-giving, family get-togethers, and singing carols. We get time off from work, we get to spend time with the ones we love, so no wonder this time of year tends to bring out the best in people — as well as spur people to ask some pretty unusual questions via a a Google search. That’s according to a new state-by-state roundup of what the top Google searches are around the country during the holidays, a roundup put together by the team at

The results, suffice it to say, are interesting – and might surprise you. For example, the top Christmastime Google Search query in the Lone Star State is “Is [...]

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These are the most popular ‘Should I?’ Google searches in every US state

With 2019 right around the corner, the year-end retrospectives about how we digitally spent the last 12 months have already started rolling in. Just last week, for example, Spotify rolled out Spotify Wrapped, which tells users which songs and artists they listened to the most over the past year. And earlier this week, Netflix released a list of the most binged shows across 2018.

In light of that, one of the more interesting 2018 retrospectives we’ve seen focuses on which Google searches were the most popular across each state. Specifically, AT&T tapped into data from Google Trends and came up with a rather amusing look at the most popular “should [...]

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‘World Cup’ was the most-Googled search term in the world for 2018

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How to Find Anyone Online

The world has become a global village where everyone can know anything about anyone. You don’t have to press your memory and try to remember your lab partner in high school because he is already on Facebook with a cat on as his display picture. If he is not on Facebook, you will find him on Instagram if not there then Snapchat or Myspace or any place. If he has access to the internet, there is a 99% chance he has a social media account. But how do you find him?

Every time you type his name in the search bar so many id’s with the same name get listed in front of you, and that can be a big dilemma.

Fear not for today we are going to teach you how to find [...]

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