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The Feds Can Crack Any iPhone But Not an Android

Law enforcement agencies all over the world keep making requests to access data from Apple and other tech companies. As the FBI keep waging a court battle against phone manufacturers, reports from the Science and Technology branch of the Department of Homeland Security show that the government has the capability to crack your phone’s security.

The San Bernardino case still remains to be the biggest and most public fight over encryption in the world today. The FBI simply wanted Apple to recreate a version of iOS that allowed them access by circumventing the hardware encryption of any iPhone devices.

This proved how much ignorant the FBI were of encryption laws and [...]

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FedEx Warns Everyone About A New Text Message Scam

It may just be the beginning of a new year but it’s always phishing season for scammers. Online shoppers eagerly waiting for a package to arrive may want to think twice before they click any delivery update in the form of a text message.

Law enforcement, FedEx and Amazon are warning people about a new, very convincing text scam that appears to be a text notification from the shipping service.

Police in Duxbury, Massachusetts posted a warning on Twitter that read, “There is a new scam where you get a text with your name from FedEx (or another delivery service) and a tracking number. Do not click on the link. When in doubt about a tracking number, go to the [...]

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Delete these nasty Android apps that can log in to your Google and Facebook accounts right now

No sooner did we report on Wednesday the presence of a new batch of scammy Android apps that had to be removed from the Google Play Store (but not before racking up some 382 million downloads), than yet another wave of such apps has emerged to be aware of. And to remove from your phone, if you have any of them.

Two separate teams of researchers uncovered a pair of nasty apps and Android activity, some of which is among the worst we’ve seen. First, a new batch of nine apps (since removed from the Google Play Store after racking up about 470,000 downloads) comes via a report from Trend Micro that pinpoints a number of sinister purposes for this collection of apps that disguise [...]

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Whatever you do, don’t fall for this Pablo Escobar foldable phone scam

“Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me,” the saying goes, if you can get it right on the first try. And Pablo Escobar’s brother is attempting to fool everybody with a second foldable phone scam that promises you a Galaxy Fold replica for just $400. This company already did it once earlier this year, with a different Escobar-branded clone, but it’s taking things to a whole new level with this blatant ripoff.

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