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How to find out if your Facebook account was hacked

Weeks after announcing that almost 50 million accounts on its website had been breached, Facebook adjusted the number to 30 million last Friday. Facebook also clarified that incredibly sensitive information such as passwords and credit card numbers were not accessed, but there’s a chance that your phone number, email address, location history, and even your search history on the social network were collected during the breach.

The good news is that Facebook promptly addressed the bugs that allowed hackers to request the information from its site. The bad news is that the damage had already been done by the time Facebook discovered them. Thankfully, you don’t have [...]

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Android Pie cloud backups now encrypted with user’s lock screen password

Google automatically backs up some of your phone’s data, like SMS messages (Nexus/Pixel only) and call history, to the cloud. That way, if you need to wipe your device or it gets lost/stolen, you’re not completely out of luck. Android Pie includes changes to how these backups are stored, so not even Google can read your data.

In the company’s online security blog, Google revealed that “devices can take advantage of a new capability where backed-up application data can only be decrypted by a key that is randomly generated at the client.” The key is based on the user’s lock screen password, which isn’t known by Google. Read More

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5 Tips to Stay Anonymous Online

Looking for a way to stay anonymous online? Have you ever been creep’d out when you are planning the ultimate vacation to a foreign country with your friends, and your browser has already selected your taxi, hotel, flight and is displaying it in the form of ads. I think everyone has gone through it because nowadays even your cell phone has ears. Not literally but your Google search, apps, chats statuses are all ways that enable this.

Since our life revolves around the internet so much, it puts our privacy at stake. Even if we might have nothing to hide, internet privacy is something that we all must be cautious about, considering that our every move on the internet is [...]

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FBI Can Legally Force Unlock Your Phone Using Face ID

There’s no law against FBI forcing you to unlock your phone using Face ID. It’s the 21st century; people live and breathe around in an environment surrounded by technology. A new popular trend among mobile manufacturers is Face verification, a term all modern electronic device users are familiar with. You can unlock your phone and secure it with just your face As simple as that. But surprisingly, there is more to it than we realize.

In 2015, Apple Inc. was subjected to numerous court orders by the United States court, all trying to enforce the company to assist in ongoing Federal investigations by giving the government access to their user database. Apple declined their [...]

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