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5 Ways to Secure Your Phone from Being Hacked

While Android are some of the most secure smartphones on the market, Android is far from flawless and it is important you secure your phone. It does not matter if you use Android or iOS, you still have to worry about hackers and other cyber criminals. They constantly find new vulnerabilities they can take advantage of. One issue is that even though Google has top-notch monthly security patches, many vendors do not issue them, or they do but not quick enough to actually matter. Still, there are plenty steps you can take to protect your Android device from cyber crime.

5) Buy smartphones from vendors that issue security patches right away

Since the security patches are [...]

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Hundreds of reports of hacked Instagram accounts, possible Russian link

Hundreds of Instagram users are reporting that their accounts have been hacked, locking out their owners, with a number of the incidents pointing to a possible Russian link …


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Banks secretly monitoring how you use your phone and computer to detect fraud

Banks are secretly gathering up to 2,000 data points on how you use your phone and computer to help detect fraud. The data used can be anything from the angle at which you typically hold your phone to whether or not you use a numeric keypad when typing numbers on your computer …


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25 Android smartphones from well-known brands come with severe vulnerabilities pre-installed

It’s one thing to discover you’ve installed malware on your phone while sideloading an app that you thought it was safe to use, and quite another to find out that your phone shipped with preloaded vulnerabilities that would allow third-parties to spy on you. Yet it happens.

What’s more disturbing is that some of the well-known Android vendors out there include preloaded security issues, according to a discovery.

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