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The NSA now thinks the phone surveillance program it once defended isn’t worth it anymore

The National Security Agency appears to have done a complete about-face over the controversial electronic spying program that whistleblower Edward Snowden brought to light almost six years ago now, involving the bulk collection of metadata related to Americans’ phone calls and text messages.

The NSA once defended the program — which was secretly launched during the George W. Bush administration without court approval — as vital to US national security interests. The nation was still reeling from the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, and officials later said tools like this program help the nation’s espionage professionals deal with the new realities of [...]

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Someone hacked The Weather Channel

We live in an age where companies suffer data breaches and hacks of various types on a disturbingly regular basis. Credit card companies, social networks, and online retailers are the usual targets, and sometimes the thieves make off with payment information, personal details, and other data they shouldn’t have access to. It happens. Now, it’s happened to The Weather Channel.

Early this morning The Weather Channel was forced to default to a taped recording of one of its programs instead of its typical morning show broadcast after a “malicious software attack” made it impossible for the show to go on. Details surrounding the attack are scant and [...]

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Facebook ‘Unintentionally Uploaded’ Email Contacts of 1.5 Million Users Without Their Consent

Reason #45,327 to delete your Facebook account: The social network collected the email contact info of 1.5 million users without their knowledge or consent and used the data to improve Facebook’s ad targeting, build Facebook’s web of social connections, and recommend friends to add.

Business Insider reports Facebook began collecting the the information in May 2016 when new users opened a new account on the social network.

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A New Phone Scam That Can Cost You Thousands

Evolution of technology has bridged the gap of communication between millions of people, and while it has brought positive changes in the lives of people, it has its consequences as well in this case in the form of scammers.

The amount of incidents in which people have received phone calls from unknown numbers who claim to be legit organizations and making people hopeful by saying that they have won the lottery is humongous. Moreover, people end up losing thousands of dollars after being scammed.

New Phone Scam doing the rounds

Recently an incident was reported in Florida where two individuals were trying to buy cellphones while using the personal information of someone [...]

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