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Share Photos Or Files Quickly with Send Anywhere

Share Photos Or Files Quickly with Send Anywhere

If you are someone that likes to share photos and other files with a lot of friends, whether through email or through social media apps, you want to check out Send Anywhere. Send Anywhere is an app and an extension for Chrome that allows you transfer files from one device to another. It works for iOS and Android smartphones and  tablets. You can also use the app to transfer files from your desktop to your smartphone and even share files with multiple people at once. Send Anywhere is particularly useful when you want to send a large file, because you do not have to worry about using up mobile data or being able to connect to the Internet. You can also get back deleted photos from your phone, check here for more information.

Share Photos between Windows And Mac

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The app is compatible with both Windows and Mac computers. The file transfers are secure and they do not upload the image or file to a server. Send Anywhere uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and 6-digit key for added security when you share photos or files. You could also add additional security measures if you need to share a file that is particularly confidential.

Web Browser

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In addition to the app, Send Anywhere is also available as extension.  The real utility of Send Anywhere is that you can use the app to send files from anywhere in the world. Plus, the transfers are easy and fast. Cloud sharing and storage services can also give you unlimited file sharing, but the transfers will often become slow if the files are too large or you share the file too many times. Send Anywhere does not have these issues.

How it Works

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You can share a file in real time just by entering the 6-digit key. You can also create a link using Send Anywhere that will allow you to share photos or a file with more than one person at the same time. The link has an expiration date for security purposes, but before it expires, the link can be used an unlimited number of times.

If the two devices are close enough, you can use the app to share files without a link or a  6-digit key. Meanwhile, if you have the Chrome extension, an Outlook add-in, or you are on the Send Anywhere website, you can attach big files and transfer them via email.

Send Anywhere quickly became my favorite way to transfer files from device to device. None of the other cloud-based services I have used, worked anywhere near as well. The application is free to download at the Google Play store, so if you are in need of a new file sharing application, check out Send Anywhere and see how you like it.

Download Send Anywhere from Google Play Store here: