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Sonos founder and former CEO reviews Apple’s HomePod

Sonos founder and former CEO reviews Apple’s HomePod

Apple released the HomePod speaker this past Friday, and it was probably the only Apple launch we can recall that can’t be described as “hotly anticipated.” Sure, Apple fans were excited that the company was entering a new product category, and of course Apple bloggers were over the moon. But the HomePod marks the first time in as long as we can remember that a first-generation flagship Apple device entering a new market didn’t sell out at launch. Potentially making matters even worse is the fact that the HomePod was delayed, suggesting that supply is likely constrained at launch as was the case with devices like Apple’s AirPods and iPhone X. Launch-day deliveries for pre-orders did conveniently slip a couple of days before the smart speaker was released on Friday, but it certainly didn’t sell out; every Apple store had plenty of inventory on Friday and over the weekend.

The public’s muted response is curious at the very least, especially since HomePod reviews have been overwhelmingly positive. Of course, it’s also possible that no one really cares what Apple bloggers with no experience reviewing speakers think. If there’s one review that is worth considering, however, it’s the brief one posted on Friday by Sonos founder and former CEO John MacFarlane.

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