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Speed up your android phone with these 3 quick tips!

Speed up your android phone with these 3 quick tips!

Our Android phones perform great out of the box. They run smoothly, open every app quickly and without problems. But over time, they can become slower as we load them with more apps, music, photos and so on. In this article, you will learn how to speed up your Android phone. With these 3 quick tips, it will run as good as new!


Tip 1:  Speed up your Android phone – Use built-in optimization software (or download an external one)!

In recent version of Android, phone manufacturers started adding a software that frees up your phone from all the junk, just with one tap! This should speed up your android phone a lot! If you have a Samsung phone running Android 5.0 or newer, what you need to do is very simple:

  1. Tap on “Apps” on your home screen or settings, then find an app called “Smart Manager” ( in the newer versions of Android on Samsung, they changed the name to “Device Maintenance”). 

2. Now, you can let the Android Smartphone optimize the software that you are using. What you can also do is check out all of the 4 options:

  • Battery – it shows you all the info about battery performance, which apps use the most of the juice, estimated usage time remaining, power saving mode and so on.
  • Storage – it shows you how much of the space is being used and gives you an option to delete unnecessary data from the phone’s memory. Tap cached data to start fresh.

  • Ram – here you can view the general RAM usage, all running apps with their usage of RAM.
  • Device security – this one shows the security level of your device.

This should greatly improve the performance of your Samsung phone running Android software. If you have a clean version of Android, there is no built-in optimization software there. But, don’t lose hope! There is an app called Ccleaner – it does exactly the same thing as the Samsung’s version. What you need to do on a stock version of Android is:

  1. Tap on Google Play, then type in “CCleaner
  2. Once you find it, download and open it.
  3. Now, tap on “Analyze”.
  4. After it is done with analyzing, choose the things that you want to be deleted and the tap on “Clean”.


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