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First-timers can try out three months of Kindle Unlimited for only $2

Exclusively for Prime members, Amazon is offering 3 months of Kindle Unlimited for only $1.99. This would typically cost $30. The deal is only valid if you haven’t used Kindle Unlimited before.

This recurring subscription will cost $9.99 per month after your trial ends, so remember to cancel if you don’t want to continue your membership.

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Save a few bucks on the pricey Apple Pencil by buying it on Amazon

The Apple Pencil is quite possibly the greatest consumer stylus that has ever been created. It’s technologically sophisticated, well-designed, and most importantly, it just works. On the flip side, it’s an Apple product so it’s also very expensive. When you’re in the Apple ecosystem, you know that every penny counts, which is why you have to take every opportunity to save when you can. Amazon has the Apple Pencil on sale right now for a few bucks off, plus you might not have to pay taxes. Definitely grab one while they’re in stock.

Here are some bullet points from the product page:

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Amazon Fire Tablet 7 vs. Fire Tablet Kids Edition: Which should you buy?

You want to get your youngsters an Amazon Fire Tablet, but which version is right for you?

The Amazon Fire Tablet 7 is a great buy at $50 (Prime members can save $15 right now, however), especially for the kids. It’s capable enough to keep them entertained while not costing enough to pull your hair out if it gets accidentally destroyed. You can also get all the (non-Google) major content services on there as well as a dedicated kids mode to keep those little fingers from buying a new laptop on your Amazon account.

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Google Assistant is now available on the Pixel C

Almost ever since its release, the Pixel C has been the neglected child of the Google lineup. With every update to Android or new feature, Pixel C users often had to wait weeks if not months to see it come to their devices, not to mention the delay in fixing some outstanding bugs. But despite it all, some held onto their Pixel C because it’s the last Android tablet Google has made and now they may be receiving a little reward for their patience: the Google Assistant is finally available for them. Read More

Google Assistant is now available on the Pixel C was written by the awesome team at Android Police.

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