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Google announces Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV

Historically, Android developer previews are primarily focused on phones and other similar form factors. Google this year is launching an Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV.


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Top New Features Introduced With Android 11

Finally! The new Android public beta is officially here! Google just released the first public beta of Android 11, bringing convenient features for developers and users to enjoy. If you have a Pixel 2 or newer Google Pixel phone, you can access the first beta. If you don’t, any Android fan can expect the bonus tools to come to their phones soon.

Here are some of the great features Google continues to impress its users with in Android 11:

Quick Controls

As soon as you’re done installing your Android 11, whether it’s the beta version or official release, long-press the power button on your phone for a few surprises. The quick controls displayed on the [...]

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Android 11’s emoji library brings back the adorable turtle w/ other animal redesigns

Over the years, Google has made a handful of changes to the emoji found on the Android platform, for better or for worse — #bringbacktheblobs. One sad removal was an adorable turtle present back in Android Nougat. Now, with Android 11, it’s coming back.


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Here’s the latest look at Android 11’s new and revised emoji

Even before the Android 11 Developer Preview, Google this year announced that the upcoming OS would introduce 62 new characters, as well as 55 skin tone and gender variants. The new emoji are not yet usable in Android 11 Beta 1, but a look at more-final designs have been shared with us today.


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