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Android Q is heading to OnePlus 5/5T, OnePlus 7 Pro features heading to 6/6T

Android Q is officially heading to OnePlus 5 and 5T devices with no solid ETA being touted by OnePlus. more…

The post Android Q is heading to OnePlus 5/5T, OnePlus 7 Pro features heading to 6/6T appeared first on 9to5Google.

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Android Q features you’ll love: Better support for foldables

The entire “large screen” device category is getting some much needed revisiting now that foldable phones are here.

Foldable phones are here. With companies like Samsung and Huawei leading the charge, expect to see phones and other devices that transform from one smaller display into one or more larger displays from just about every one of Android’s hardware partners. Some of them will be great, others may not, but they all will depend on one thing: support from the operating system.

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How to enable screen recording in Android Q Beta 3

Now that Android Q is in the hands of far more users, thanks to Google bringing Beta 3 to over a dozen non-Pixel devices, a lot of folks are just getting acquainted with the new features we’ve covered in the first two betas. Unfortunately, Google also made some of the experimental features, hidden behind “feature flags,” like native screen recording support, harder to access. So here’s how to enable screen recording in Android Q Beta 3.


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Here’s what Android Q’s upcoming revamped Bluetooth device menu looks like

With the death of the headphone jack, Bluetooth accessories are only becoming more important. Now, we’re learning that Google is putting some heavy emphasis on these accessories in Android Q with a revamped Bluetooth menu and some new features for Fast Pair.


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