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How to make a GIF on an Android phone

Want to create the next viral GIF? We show you how to make a GIF on an Android phone with a bit of creativity.

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Does your Android phone keep shutting off? Here’s how to fix it!

Let’s get your phone back to normal.

Android phones are great until they aren’t. You may not think too much about your handset when it works as intended for all of your texting, apps, and games, but the second trouble occurs, it can be a major pain in the butt. One common issue people often experience is their phone repeatedly shutting off unintended, and if this happens to you, it’s not a good time.

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Sony’s new Xperia L4 has a super-tall 21:9 display, triple rear cameras

Sony has finally launched a phone with a notched display.

What you need to know

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Microsoft’s universal Office app for iPhone and Android is finally available for download

If you’re using Microsoft’s Office suite on your laptop or desktop, then chances are you already have Word, Excel, and PowerPoint installed on your phones and tablets. If you do, you should delete them right away, and replace them with Microsoft’s brand new, universal Office app that features all three productivity apps. The app has been in testing since November, but is now available for download on iPhone, iPad, and Android.

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How to make a GIF on an Android phone
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Does your Android phone keep shutting off? Here’s how to fix it!
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