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10 Ways You Are Killing Your Android Battery Life

Usually, 99% of the time people take their Android phones to their respective store find out that it is not the physical battery that has a problem. After carrying out multiple battery tests, the results usually turn out to be positive. Hence, the main reason why some Android phones have a poor battery life is because of the software.

These days owning a smartphone means constantly searching for a socket thanks to the battery running out so quickly. We constantly blame the manufacturer but the main issue is operator error.

New Android smartphones nowadays have advanced hardware and features. However, they also come with a short battery life with advanced [...]

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Fully Recharge Your Phone in 13 Minutes

By now, everyone on earth knows that the major downside to using a smartphone on regular basis is draining your battery. No matter what kind of phone you have, they never come with super batteries like the old-fashioned models.

Of course, more options and features on your phone require heavier power supply. Manufacturers try to up their game and provide us with powerful batteries. But still, if you’re running around texting and watching memes all day, you’ll end up with the red-mark of doom that calls for your charger.

It’s always a hassle to recharge your phone multiple times a day. God forbid you have a short cable… you’ll be stuck next to your charger, like a child [...]

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How much battery life do you get with the Samsung Galaxy Fit?

Best answer: Samsung’s newest wearable promises up to seven days of battery life in a high-quality fitness band that comes with a reasonable price tag.

Affordable fitness tracking: Samsung Galaxy Fit ($99 at Amazon)

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You’ve Been Charging Your Smartphone All Wrong

There are many misconceptions when it comes to charging your smartphone device. The most common one is draining your battery up to 0% and to always charge it up to 100%.

Debates have been going on about overcharging a smartphone battery. However, everyone is justified to worry about it ever since Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7s were recalled for fears of exploding batteries. As we all know, it was just a manufacturing glitch that caused all the tension.

With smartphones today, a lot has changed over the years and there are a few things that need to be aired out. Nowadays, all major smartphone flagships promise buyers of a longer lifespan despite the constant complaints [...]

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