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Save your eyes and your battery one dark mode on your OnePlus phone

If you’ve got a modern(ish) Android phone with an OLED screen, you may be aware that dark mode is a thing that not only looks cool but can also save you some battery life. You see, OLED panels don’t activate any pixels when representing “black” — instead, black represents what it really is, the absence of light. By not activating large swaths of pixels, you inevitably save battery life. While it’s not as simple as a quick settings shortcut like on Samsung Galaxy phones, enabling dark mode on a OnePlus phone is still darn simple.

How to enable dark mode on your OnePlus phone

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Battery capacities explained: Here’s how much charge your power bank really has

Working out how many times your power bank or charging case can charge your phone is easier than it looks.

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Samsung admits to Galaxy Chromebook’s awful battery life, plans improvements

Samsung’s Galaxy Chromebook stole my heart back at CES 2020, but my dreams were quickly crushed when reviews revealed the machine had just awful battery life. Now, Samsung is admitting its mistake and says it wants to improve.


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Disable 5G to improve battery life on the OnePlus 8

The OnePlus 8 is a fantastic phone with great hardware and the company’s beloved OxygenOS software atop Android 10. Like many other high-end phones released this year, it features support for the budding 5G network, which sounds great at first glance — but most markets still don’t have a 5G network to connect to. In the meantime your OnePlus 8 will be draining its battery searching for a network that isn’t there. Luckily, you can tell it to stop looking.

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