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Stop Porch Pirates from Stealing Christmas Deliveries

If you decided to skip fights waiting in line for Black Friday offers, you’re not alone. According to RetailNext, store visits dropped by 4.2% from last year. That doesn’t mean people didn’t shop. In fact, many chose to take advantage of Cyber Monday and do their Christmas shopping online from the comfort of their homes.

Adobe said that U.S. shoppers spent a total of $9.4 billion in online sales on Cyber Monday. According to data provided by Salesforce’s Commerce Cloud, American shoppers are expected to spend $136 Billion online from November 1 to December 31, a 13% year over year increase from last year.

Unfortunately, with the rise of online [...]

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10 Best Christmas Apps For Your Mobile (Android)

The holidays are supposed to be a period of joy and happiness. But if you’re not prepared, things can get overwhelming. Christmas is fast approaching and we’re just a couple of days away from the D-day. Many of us are now adjusting to the Christmas spirit or looking for more Christmas-related content. What better way to get a hang of it than by downloading a few Christmas apps? Here is a list of 10 of the best Christmas apps to have on your Android:


Christmas means a lot of travelling, shopping and lots of outdoor activities. Knowing that this time of year is quite sensitive when it comes to the weather, 1Weather is the app you should look out [...]

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6 Awesome Tech Gifts Amazon Can Still Deliver Before Christmas

Time is running out! Good thing Amazon delivers quickly.

We’ve all been there. You waited a little too long and now you don’t have a gift for someone, right? Don’t panic, don’t stress, there is still a way out of this. Amazon carries some of the best gifts out there and offers some pretty quick shipping methods. If you’re still shopping for people on your list, and need some fresh ideas, here are six great tech gifts you can still have delivered in time for Christmas.

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Getting your PlayStation Move controllers to work with a Christmas Tree

Christmas lights might be confusing your Move Controllers and we’re gonna help you figure out how to make that stop

Chances are there’s a whole lot of interference when it comes to Christmas lights and it’s time to get ingenious. Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree. Oh how I … am a little disappointed in you for interfering with my PlayStation Move Controllers!

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