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Datally, Google’s data-saving app, has been unceremoniously axed from the Play Store

Google has a ton of first-party applications hanging out in the Play Store, from the more popular superstars like Google Search, Assistant, and Maps, to the less prominent Authenticator, Playground, or Opinion Rewards. Google has also killed off plenty of beloved applications over the years, and now the crew at Mountain View has seemingly struck again, this time tossing Datally into the pit of oblivion.

Google’s mobile data-saving application, Datally, has gone missing from the Play Store. Read More

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Datally adds ‘Emergency bank’ feature & ‘Bedtime mode’ to disable data usage at night

Datally is an app from Google’s Next Billion Users initiative for managing data usage in constrained cellular markets around the world. The app’s latest capabilities are aimed at ensuring you always have a reserve of data for emergency usage, and to make sure apps don’t drain data overnight.


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How to use Google’s Datally to save data

Background data-slurping is second nature to many modern apps, and it can be tough to stay on top of your allowances. Here’s how to use Google’s Datally app to conserve your mobile data and set limits.

The post How to use Google’s Datally to save data appeared first on Digital Trends.

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Google’s Datally app updated with new data saving tools including ‘Daily Limit,’ Wi-Fi Map

Late last year, Google launched an interesting new app called Datally. Simply put, the app was designed to help users control their data usage. Today, the company has announced 4 brand new features for the app to better accomplish its goals.


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