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Digital Wellbeing may soon offer insights to why you might not be sleeping

Google’s Digital Wellbeing is both an app for Pixels & other Android phones and a wider initiative to help folks find healthy ways to disconnect from their phones. The next step for the Digital Wellbeing app appears to be to use a variety of data from your phone to give insights into why you might not be sleeping at night.


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‘Flip to Shhh’ now available on Google Pixel 2 w/ Digital Wellbeing beta update

When the Google Pixel 3 launched last year, one of the new Digital Wellbeing features that launched with it was “Flip to Shhh” which simply puts your phone in Do Not Disturb mode when placed face down on a surface. As of this week, Flip to Shhh is now available on the Google Pixel 2, by way of a beta update for Digital Wellbeing.


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Google releases 5 new digital wellbeing experiment apps for Android

Google has a powerful suite of tools for digital wellbeing built into the past couple of versions of Android, but now the company is experimenting with other ideas. Today, the company has launched 5 new digital wellbeing experiments on Android and they’re all available as apps for you to try.


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New Android phones must support USB-C PD and Digital Wellbeing, Google says

Google now requires manufacturers using its Google Media Services to also include support for USB-C PD fast charging and the Digital Wellbeing software.

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