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5 Signs Your Phone Has a Virus and How You Can Fix It

Viruses are scary leeches that cling on to if your phone has a virus and threaten their well-being. And of course, the fear of losing years of data can keep us up at night. And if you’re using an Android phone, the risks are definitely more challenging.

Android operating system is widely used across the world as it holds around 65% of the market share and has more than a billion users. Moreover, the convenience that Android phones provide to its users has its disadvantages. Since the Android operating system gives its users the freedom to download tons of items directly from the internet, it puts the phones at risk.

Hackers are constantly trying to up their tactics to [...]

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Netflix’s Snapchat-esque 30-second mobile previews are coming soon to Android

The concept of trailers for movies and TV shows has existed for longer than time itself, but Netflix is looking to add a bit of modern flair to promote its newest content. Mobile previews, announced today, are vertical videos approximately 30 seconds in length that aim to help customers find something to watch more quickly. The feature is coming soon to Android.

If you’re not sure what to imagine, think Snapchat or Instagram stories. Read More

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The Honor 10 is a iPhone X knockoff for half the price

It’s mid-April, which means we’re going to see plenty of Android-based iPhone X clones hit stores in the coming months. Some of them come from little-known device makers from China, while others are manufactured by prominent companies, including Huawei, LG, and OnePlus.

Huawei already launched the P20 phones a few weeks ago, but it’s not done spitting out iPhone X lookalikes. The company’s cheaper smartphone brand Honor is out with its own iPhone X-inspired device, which looks like the iPhone X but also steals some features from Huawei P20. So it’s basically a clone of a clone.

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This One Setting Will Make Your Internet Speed Much Faster!

Do you wish your internet speed was a little bit faster? Well, don’t we all? Obviously, in this technology-driven era we live in, most of the things we do are dictated by our ability to use devices and our internet connection. It becomes rather frustrating when browsing or downloading something is slower than we’d like.

Nonetheless, there are a few things that you could do right away that will definitely help to speed up your internet connection and improve your overall experience. There’s something called DNS (short for Domain Name Service) that dictates how your internet experience goes.

Although you’re most probably assigned a default DNS [...]

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