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Here are the two things Samsung’s doing to fix the Galaxy Fold’s problems

New improvements include tucking the protector under the body and reducing the gap between the display and body of the device.

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Samsung Galaxy Fold Could Finally Hit Shelves as Soon as June

Samsung is reportedly in the process of making a number of changes to the Galaxy Fold in an effort to fix the durability issues discovered by early reviewers. If everything works out with the changes, the Fold could hit shelves as soon as June.

When reviewers received the Samsung Galaxy Fold, they quickly began reporting the foldable device had a durability problem, as a large number of devices were reportedly broken or stopped working inside of just a few days.

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Samsung reportedly revised Galaxy Fold hardware w/ non-removable display protector, reduced gap

Following issues with early units ahead of the retail launch, Samsung recently delayed its Galaxy Fold with no clear path forward. Today, some details have leaked out regarding what Samsung has changed on the Galaxy Fold to improve the hardware’s durability.


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Details about Samsung’s Galaxy Fold design changes have leaked

After a bunch of Galaxy Fold units failed in the hands of reviewers, Samsung preferred to delay its new device’s launch to further investigate and fix the issue that led the displays to go berserk. After an initial analysis, the company concluded that removing the inner screen’s protective layer could cause external substances to come into contact with the panel, causing it to malfunction. The manufacturer recently announced it would publish an updated release schedule for the Galaxy Fold, and some details are starting to leak explaining how Samsung plans on fixing the device’s flaws. Read More

Details about Samsung’s Galaxy Fold design changes have [...]

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