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Galaxy Note 10: Everything we know about Samsung’s new superphone [Video]

Ahead of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, we have quite a bit of information and plenty of rumors to delve into.


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What can Samsung do to justify the Galaxy Note 10’s existence?

Competing with yourself isn’t always a bad thing, but sometimes it feels like a waste of resources.

At the moment, the Galaxy S10+ sits atop our list of best Android phones. It has top marks in hardware, display quality and features, plus super-powerful software and good consistent cameras. It isn’t necessarily the best phone for every person (no single phone is), but it’s the best high-end phone for most people. Samsung has an incredible formula, and hit it out of the park once again; months of experience with the Galaxy S10 series confirms it.

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Samsung announces ultra-fast 12GB LPDDR5 RAM ahead of Galaxy Note 10 – but we have some bad news

Samsung a few months ago launched several Galaxy S10 options including a Galaxy S10+ model that ships with as much as 12GB of RAM onboard. That seems like overkill for a smartphone, but Samsung will continue to make phones with 12GB of memory, and supply 12GB modules to other handset vendors. The company on Thursday announced that it’s ready to begin mass production of the world’s first 12Gb LPDDR5 DRAM module which will power new 12GB RAM packages.

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You’ll have to pay extra to fast-charge the Galaxy Note 10

We’re exactly three weeks away from the Galaxy Note 10 launch, but Samsung event will not deliver any huge surprises when it comes to the company’s newest smartphone. We know everything about the Note 10 thanks to a flurry of leaks and renders. The design was recently confirmed in FCC documentation that revealed other details about the phone, and the specs leaked more than once, camera details included. If there’s one thing that left us puzzled though, it’s the battery. We’ve seen conflicting reports about the type of fast-charging tech Samsung will use on the Note 10, but now it looks like we finally have a definite answer for you. Yes, the Note 10 will have faster battery charging [...]

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